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  • Type your comment> @nristo said: (Quote) Thank you! I guess I didn't look carefully
  • I'm in the last phase and got a secret from L*p.cF but can't repeat the step from user as it complains about bad padding. What am I missing?
  • Type your comment> @msraja said: (Quote) Thanks @msraja! I appreciate that.
  • Type your comment> @ShredX said: > Hey Guys, really stuck at the VB code decryption thingy. Happy to rep if you can teach me on what needs to be done. Never did any Vis Basic code or .Net stuff. :) Thanks I'm stuck in the same place. I sho…
  • Finally got root. Thanks to @Sauron19 for the help with root.
  • I'm clueless after finding user. PM me if anyone wants to help.
  • I just want to say...I feel stupid. Something I need to learn is not to rush through when doing these boxes. Thanks @n00py
  • LOL...I just started it, it hasn't been up for more than an hour and half, and the two bloods were taken already! damn!
  • Just rooted after a lot of effort and help from @n00py and @Merlin01000101 Thank you both for the help and the patience. This box made me realize a have a lot to learn and a mindshift to do when working with code.
  • Type your comment> @twypsy said: (Quote) Number 4 really got me for a while :lol:
  • AND got root! Thanks to @nebulousanchor , @oztechmuse and @chvancooten for helping. As others had said, I was there with the user but simply using it incorrectly. Once you are in, you will figure out what to do next, but then you have to do some r…
  • Does anyone know if now HTB submits the CPE automatically to ISC2 or do we have to submit them manually?
  • Type your comment> @t4l0 said: (Quote) For me, it wasn't like easy or hard. I relied more on thinking how I found the user2 password and how that (avoiding spoilers hopefully) was generated. If he can do that, he might have high privileges on th…
  • Spoiler Removed
  • Pretty cool box indeed. Made me think outside the box to get root; I was overthinking it but not as complex. Definitely liked it. For the user flag...once you get in, do a ton of enumeration of what you can access.
  • Finally rooted last night. Thanks to @j9allmarine17 for the help. I was on my way there but timing was key along with missing some key parts when running some of the tools needed to get to where I needed to be. For anyone still trying, keep in mind…
  • I'm stuck in getting to root. Got the path through B********d and used a couple other tools to get D****c, but stuck. Can someone help?
  • Type your comment> @dirtyred said: (Quote) Wow...I feel so stupid right now. Actually, after trying the sizing and the retrying everything from scratch without the sizing, that isn't needed. I was missing something that just there on my face. F…
  • Type your comment> @HumanFlyBzzzz said: (Quote) I'm exactly in the same situation. This whole terminal size issue is driving me insane.!!!
  • Ugh, how do you get past the "Clock skew" issues?
  • I'm a little stuck and for sure it's just that I'm tired. I got the user flag, performed the enumeration for r**t and see what the problem is, but can't think on how to approach it. If anyone could help by , PM me. Thanks everyone! EDIT: got root …

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