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  • After going around in circles for so long I finally got root. In my case, I did not pay attention well enough and was overthinking it, but just like everyone said here (thanks @waza ), it is right there and in front of you. SMH! [email protected]:/tm…
  • Wow...just rooted and it is one of the few boxes that has made me post my thoughts and advice here: Foothold: not hard, simply enumerate carefully and do not dismiss anything. Pay close attention to what you see and interact. Once there, keep enume…
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) I wonder how many tickets have been opened so far. This is the first time I had this experience. I tried resetting the box last night and even stopping it but I was still getting the same old hash that g…
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) I get it now...I completely overlooked something the other day while being feverish! smh
  • Type your comment> @petrostheol said: (Quote) Try a few days back to back looking at all the pages and sadly for me, I still don't get it...this has made me feel stupid af.
  • Just to think I wasn't that far off from it (SMH)! Definitely was a fun box! BTW, @TazWake thanks for the nudge!
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) I had to PM you, but I'm sure we are talking about the same thing.
  • I got user at this point, and I think I found what I need to know for root, but based on what I found and how it can be used, it got me all confused...can someone help and put me in the right track?
  • DONE! What a box! [email protected]:~# pwd && id /root uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
  • openkeys# iduid=0(root) gid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel), 2(kmem), 3(sys), 4(tty), 5(operator), 20(staff), 31(guest) ROOTED! I agreed with this one being a fun box.
  • ROOTED!! Wow, that was definitively a nice ride and a different kind of machine. Thanks to @TazWake for the nudge and congrats to @egre55 for another great box!
  • Thank you @TazWake I’ll DM you shortly and explain where I’m at. I’m probably more frustrated than what I should.
  • I understand I am a little out of practice, but what I'm missing in here is beyond the rustiness I could have. Could someone ping me and assist with nudges? I have a remote shell and certain files. I can't import certain xml file to then try and ret…
  • WOW Rooted! Nice box. ~ # id uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
  • Type your comment> @grav3m1ndbyte said: (Quote) WOW! I wasn't expecting this! ROOTED! My first box in months after having to step out of HTB! # iduid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)#
    in Cache Comment by grav3m1ndbyte June 2020
  • Type your comment> @grav3m1ndbyte said: (Quote) Nevermind...I found what I needed.
    in Cache Comment by grav3m1ndbyte June 2020
  • Well, I got to the r******r.**p page, but whatever I do it doesn't let me proceed. What I've found, has to be done authenticated but nothing works. Could someone give me nudge?
    in Cache Comment by grav3m1ndbyte June 2020
  • Rooted! Very nice box. I can't give any other hints different from what I read here (and only read two). For both user and root, look carefully and pay attention, gather as much as you can, and think through it. A little bit of research won't hurt. …
  • After struggling a lot to get root, I finally got it, but it definitely wasn't a "straight forward" box and very unstable. c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>whoamiwhoamint authority\system
  • Type your comment> @grav3m1ndbyte said: (Quote) Thank you sir! :smiley:
  • Type your comment> @VbScrub said: > Recently seen a few comments from people saying they'd like to understand how the Impacket GetNPUsers script works and what exactly makes an account vulnerable to this kind of attack. So I made this video t…
  • and again, resetting is not gonna give you the flags! This box has been working fine especially since 3 hours ago. Right after I rooted, it's been reset twice.
  • Just rooted and right before another reset! oh boy! Well, kudos to @h4ck1t and @FunkyMcBeef for the tips!
  • and someone had the brilliant idea of deleting files. I get back to this box after getting the user flag two days ago (yes i'm taking my time) and get to see people are accessing this and deleting file s forcing others to reset it. I've seen this m…
  • Type your comment> @grav3m1ndbyte said: (Quote) Rooted! Got stuck a couple of times because I was overthinking it and in one instance I did not think outside the box when trying to approach some things. The box is not as hard as it first might l…
  • Type your comment> @grav3m1ndbyte said: (Quote) I was able to get the user flag yesterday, but need direction on what needs to be done after. If anyone wants to help, PM me.
  • Not like this box is hard or easy or whatever, but most of the things I've found through the initial foothold has led me nowhere or to what looks to be a deadend, and...I'm confused to be quite honest. Can someone help out? If so, PM me.
  • A lot of valuable information in this video, as well as the others! Thank you @VbScrub
  • Type your comment> @Destroyervg said: (Quote) Pretty Accurate!
  • Well, got root! Interesting box for sure, I have lots to learn especially with vbscript which I have been avoiding until now. Many thanks to @n00py, @Darvidor and @rootshooter for helping!

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