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  • I agree with the general consensus here, this was super fun. Root took me longest even though I was close from the beginning. Thanks @AuxSarge for the box.
    in Fortune Comment by gn0stic June 2019
  • Thank you for this box. Had a fun time and learned along the way. Happy to help anyone who's stuck.
    in Querier Comment by gn0stic June 2019
  • Was finally able to get user and root. Difficult at times, but learned a lot. Thanks @3mrgnc3, was fun. Thanks to @Xentropy and others for hints.
    in FluJab Comment by gn0stic June 2019
  • *edit - After getting what I needed from the nurse I'm messing with the aj***i login. Pretty confused to say the least. I'm guessing this is where it's been suggested to use firefox? Doesn't seem as wonky, annnnd I'm stuck again.
    in FluJab Comment by gn0stic May 2019
  • Able to upload a file via sm* and web, like others, not sure where it goes. Trying to manipulate timestamp param and image_id param, no luck. Any kind soul pm me a nudge? *Edit: Got user, thanks bogglez for the nudge.
  • Once I got the limited shell, I was able to get user pretty quickly. I really think I didn't use the common method, please message me with how you escaped rbash and I can share my method.
    in Chaos Comment by gn0stic May 2019
  • Stuck on the p** maker page. From reading comments, I see this is where I can get RCE, but stuck for days. Anyone PM me a nudge? A hint is preferred, not a spoiler. Thanks in advance. **Edit, got to restricted shell. Yay.
    in Chaos Comment by gn0stic May 2019
  • Got some c***s but I did it manually and can't get my tools to automate it, anyone want to pm me if they got this in an automated fashion? I'd like to learn for future.
    in Chaos Comment by gn0stic May 2019
  • Can someone pm me a nudge? Was able to exploit, not sure where to upload my shell assuming that's the next step for user.
    in Swagshop Comment by gn0stic May 2019

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