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  • Root dance! :tongue: This was a really good box and one that taught me quite a few new skills so thanks to the creator and also to @VbScrub for the video which got me on my way. Lots of hints on these threads should get you all the way to root.
    in Sauna Comment by gm0 April 15
  • Got root. This was a really good box and gave me quite a bit to think about - more of the same please. I was banging my head trying to run a script to avoid AV, but once I got that done it was on the home stretch an across the line.
    in Querier Comment by gm0 June 2019
  • Rooted this box - thanks for creating such an enjoyable box @L4mpje. I did this all using Kali and learned quite a lot of things that I didn't before I started so I've had to update my notes. User: It was straight forward but had a few issues gett…
    in Bastion Comment by gm0 June 2019
  • Happy person today - i can do my :routedance: Hint for user: run a script to get into admin, once there follow a video to get an rce. Hint for root: Its right in front of you, its all one command
    in Swagshop Comment by gm0 June 2019
  • Rooted! This box reminded me of a date I was on a few years ago - first part i was pleased with thinking i had probed where i needed to, got the responses I needed and it was going to be easy. As it went on i encountered things I had not done befo…
    in Luke Comment by gm0 June 2019
  • Got the root flag at last! Most of this was pretty straight forward and a useful exercise in going over things I had not done for a while. The process you need to follow to get the root flag IMHO is pretty daft, in some ways too simple and a littl…
    in Irked Comment by gm0 December 2018
  • Rooted and done! While yes not the most difficult box it still had things in it that I didn't know too well and benefited from going through so my notes are improved and my confidence got a boost. Thanks to @L4mpje because I really enjoyed it
    in Curling Comment by gm0 December 2018
  • Done! So glad to have got this box rooted and off the to-do list. Thanks to @snowscan for a unique box. Thanks to all who helped it was really appreciated!
    in Carrier Comment by gm0 December 2018
  • Finally got root! This is something I have definitely learned a lot from and will check in the future. As a wise man once said ::rootdance::
  • Rooted! Like a lot of others have said before me I learned a lot from this box that I had not encountered much of previously. If we could get more boxes that focused on real world scenarios that would be really appreciated.
  • Just rooted this box and I am so pleased! Learned quite a lot from this, it is definitely one of the better boxes I have done. As somebody said on one of the DevOps threads - ::rootdance:: Thanks @mrh4sh
    in Hawk Comment by gm0 August 2018
  • Got root! It seemed to take me far longer to get a file uploaded than anything else, when it was pointed out that it was capitalisation causing it to be rejected I almost screamed! Any way what's done is done and now I too can do ::rootdance:: :r…
    in Dev0ops hints Comment by gm0 July 2018
  • Done and glad for it! Two things to keep in mind for this box 1. You don't need to bruteforce the zip file because the password is probably within the first 10 you should try manually * Once you have the zip unzipped then the contents purpose wil…
    in Poison Comment by gm0 June 2018
  • One of the strangest yet best boxes that I've done. The initial foothold on this box has probably taken me longer than any of the others I've completed, where as priv esc to root was really straight forward. What I will say is that asking the righ…
    in Canape Comment by gm0 June 2018
  • I have tried rotating the letters up to 26 times but i am not getting anything usable. I've used some of the tools suggested here but not getting anywhere - can someone please give me a hint? Thanks

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