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  • Cannot Import the P--w--rUp module in the PS over the evil door. Anyone can import it successfully for executing the Add-D--m--in--bjectA--l to change something on the Forest?
    in Forest Comment by garnettk February 28
  • On higher port, trigger the evil: Error: An error of type Errno::ECONNREFUSED happened, message is Connection refused anyone occurred the same?
    in Sauna Comment by garnettk February 20
  • Type your comment> @theonemcp said: > I wanted to see how far I can g before this box gets retired. I'm stuck at foothold. > I can get a ping back from the box. I think I was able to upload the nc.exe and execute powershell with it. but …
    in Json Comment by garnettk February 15
  • got the [email protected]****e of the i_.bak trying using it to s** -i but the user m* was denied as set in the config file if I cannot s**, how can I use the i*_***.bak for another way to login as user m? thanks for the hint
  • Type your comment> @HJFR said: (Quote) -ns switch of the dog, or nslookup?
    in Forest Comment by garnettk October 2019
  • Type your comment> @Z0d said: (Quote) the kp$$2jon tool with switch -k would only allow one key file or I should include all the picture file with the -k switch? e.g. kp$$2jon -k 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg [email protected]
    in Safe Comment by garnettk October 2019
  • (Quote) I only included one of the picture as the key file, is it the correct way?
    in Safe Comment by garnettk October 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Safe Comment by garnettk October 2019
  • root question: used k**p***2jo*n to extract the hash, didnt care about the pictures. I didnt think that I need to use Steghide etc. to do the Stenography at first, however, after I used the rockyou dict to try the GPU exhausting task, it failed. …
    in Safe Comment by garnettk October 2019
  • Rooted downloaded 4xx mb of file just for the pw but it was fun!
    in Heist Comment by garnettk August 2019
  • I am trying to get a root shell using this guide, am I in a wrong direction?
    in Writeup Comment by garnettk June 2019
  • Rooted! Flag Captured! I was about to give up, but then I decided to give it the last shot and bang, basic understanding of Linux filename saved me!
  • (Quote) Watch IppSec - Active on YouTube
  • (Quote) Watch "Ippsec Nightmare" on YouTube
  • I tried to copy the b.exe by Mr.torvalds to the South African folder to try if it is related to Ub****.exe , I even tried to launch b.exe -c 'netc**.exe -e ip/port' to try if it would give me a reverse root shell because b***.exe runs under root. st…

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