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  • I really enjoyed the box. Very interesting, nice foothold and more interesting privesc. Dm for hints. Thanks @egotisticalSW for the cool box!
  • Funny machine. Learnt a thing or two, as always. Thanks to the creator!
  • Holy. I just finished the machine. Very challenging, very ctf-like and full of rabbit holes. Roller coaster of emotions throughout and learned a bunch of new techniques! Thanks to the creator. As always, ping me if you need a nudge in the right tr…
  • Pwned. Nice machine, user full of rabbit holes, took me a bit to realize. Root is a piece of cake. There are enough hints here to solve the machine. Anyone can pm me if you are stuck, though. Happy to point you in the right direction. Thanks to c…
  • Pwned. All in all, fun box. PM for hints.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by frez January 26
  • It's very likely that you either did not import the certificate or did not configure the proxy correctly. Make sure to fully follow the guide here…
    in Burp Suite Comment by frez November 2019
  • So far, I'm loving it and I'm sure that they will be improving it with time with feedback from the community.
  • I love the discussion and I'm going to give you my 2 cents. I like and support the idea of admins creating a poll to understand what the people in this platform want to see, and maybe listen to both sides: those that are looking for realistic boxes …
  • Rooted. Pm me if you're stuck, but really all the hints are in this thread.
    in Irked Comment by frez November 2018
  • (Quote) The only two books you'll need for Web Exploitation are "The Web Application Hacker's Handbook" and "Owasp Testing Guide". In addition to that, check "Network Security Assessment", "The Hacker Playbook"…
  • Rooted. Spent so much time digging for privesc, when answer was right there. Just wow... Cool box, thanks to the creator!
    in Curling Comment by frez October 2018
  • Got user. Loving this machine so far!
    in Reel Comment by frez October 2018
  • Pwned. Thanks to the creator of the box, learned a couple of new tricks. Feel free to pm me for help or hints.
    in SecNotes Comment by frez October 2018
  • (Quote) Pm me, I can give you some help.
    in Carrier Comment by frez October 2018
  • This machine is kicking my ass so bad. I feel like I have all the information in front of me, but I'm still unable to connect all the pieces. Stuck on privesc.
    in Carrier Comment by frez October 2018
  • Pwned it. Thanks for the tips in thread. Cool machine, learnt a thing or two. Thanks @egre55
    in Access Comment by frez October 2018
  • Took me a while, but I pwned Bounty. I was almost there all the time, but after many, many hours it clicked. Thanks for those who helped me and for the creator of the machine. Learned a ton!
    in Bounty Comment by frez September 2018
  • Just rooted it. Easy user, but I struggled the entire day with privesc... TBH, the solution blew my mind.
    in Optimum Comment by frez August 2018
  • Pwned. Learned a few new tricks, particularly getting the user flag. Root was surprisingly easy for me. Cool machine!
  • Wow, this machine is driving me nuts. I'm still unable to understand fully how to get root. Learning a ton, though. UPDATE: Rooted. Fantastic and invaluable learning experience. All hints provided here are sufficient once you understand the process…

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