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  • finally rooted!!! big thanks to @Achille and @manderait for helping out. Took me a while to get root because i was so fixed on using nscp cli. Learned so much from this box. a bit laggy and constant resets but other than that, no issues with this …
    in ServMon Comment by freakinglord May 2020
  • I am new to all this and this box is an amazing eye-opener. I learned a lot, especially enumeration and linux privilege escalation. many thanks to all the hints provided here. and a big thanks to @kbotnen . for your patience and very good hints. and…
  • Hi guys, is anyone able to run "config set dir .." in r**** ? i keep getting permission denied.. not sure what im doing wrong here..
  • hi guys, i managed to get inside using r****-c** but not sure what to do here.. any hints?
  • Type your comment> @Ghost40 said: (Quote) how do you know if need to scan for r**** ports in the first place? when i did a simple scan (sV), i got 8,2 and 1**** ports..
  • Hi guys, could use a hint here. I found 2 ports open. and used d**b to ran and found other directories in port 8*. Also, found that it leads to M****to. but not sure whats next...
  • Hi, I am trying to get the user. i did nm** and found 2 ports open. on h***, i found some hash words in s*****.t** but i am not sure what to do with this h*** word.. Am I on the right track? Pardon me for the noob question. this is my second box.…
  • OMG!! finally got my 1st root.txt. Over think it. I didnt use RCE though. Tips for Root: I re-created the p****sh*** script on my local machine. by playing with it, i understood how it works and trial error using various p****sh*** cmdlets. Good b…
  • Please stop resetting the box! the password is definitely not the default password.
  • @mochamo use another another protocol, f**. try other transfer types.
  • Spoiler Removed
  • Type your comment> @chonha57 said: (Quote) I downloaded in b***** transfer type and verify the file size is the same.. but then what? i opened using mdb-sql, but not sure what to look for.. seems gibberish..
  • I have managed to access f** as an******s, but cant seem to find anything.. try using raw FTP commands like NLST, STAT and etc.. nothing.. am i missing something here?
  • Hi all, I am really new to this and need some help. I did port scanning and found 3 open ports. from what i read in other comments, i am on the right track. managed to look into h... link, but im stuck.. not sure what tools to use for f.. port. i …

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