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  • @FlompyDoo said: (Quote) This is actually a pretty big hint for the next step for you... there's other people on your server making this happen, wonder how they're doing it?
    in Swagshop Comment by fibbot May 2019
  • (Quote) You may have been struck by Obi-wan, maybe this wasn't the admin page you were looking for. You may be able to make use of those CVE's eventually...
    in Swagshop Comment by fibbot May 2019
  • (Quote) Awesome, for some reason I never bothered with learning this tool but it's all over the place. (Quote) Also really cool, I have used impacket's secrets-dump on reg keys before but haven't used pth in smbclient - that will be useful. Thank …
  • This was an excellent box, thank you @burmat !
    in Zipper Comment by fibbot January 2019
  • I personally like keepnote. It works on linux/mac/windows which makes it nice for when I'm doing stuff on my laptop to go and I just keep them in a synched folder. I used OneNote for the longest but the search in it is really poor when you are searc…
  • Hello! I am logged into the system trying to be as evil as possible but my php sucks and no matter how much I read this I can't get anything to run. I'm trying with simple things like 'cat' (exactly as the video) and editing the place of injection I…
    in Teacher Comment by fibbot January 2019
  • Nevermind, a reverse shell I previously thought was not working... is now working. X_X
    in SecNotes Comment by fibbot December 2018
  • (Quote) Also going to support this choice, I went with an active machine and watched his videos though. Pretty much just watch ippsec's videos =P
  • Finally got root on this bad boy, by far has been the hardest box I've done and I really learned a lot. A day before it gets retired, just couldn't wait for that =P
    in Canape Comment by fibbot September 2018
  • Whoo man, I am super stuck on the payload for this one. Still no luck :dizzy:
    in Canape Comment by fibbot September 2018
  • (Quote) There's something you can do from there that doesn't require logging in, I was hitting my head against the wall there a while too
    in Hawk Comment by fibbot August 2018
  • I am having the same problem with privesc... I thought I would be able to get into this one the same way as poison but I can't seem to get root when i connect(probably have an incorrect setting somewhere). I have user.txt, got user login, and found…
    in Hawk Comment by fibbot August 2018

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