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  • Thanks for this box. User was not hard, even if it took some time to figure it out. Root was harder. A lot of things learned.
  • Loved this one. So rewarding. Learned a lot of things today. Some nudges. Foothold: some of dependencies used for building application are vulnerable. One of them is a critical vulnerability. It has a CVE assigned to it. CVE -> Google exploit f…
  • Rooted. Not one of the easiest boxes. Some nudges for people who are stuck Pre-user: Have a look at room info card. You may find a picture with interesting words. User: There is one special script (Linux variant) you can run to gather some inform…
  • Really liked this box! Foothold part was a bit hard. Had to use different exploits several times and then adjust the script for my python env (protip: adapt exploit to your needs). Priv esc was fun too. It will take some time, but it is rewarding.
  • This challenge was not easy, like at all. I don't understand why it is listed in easy track. Anyway, after getting some hints and guessing some numbers, I was able to solve it. Very disappointed that I could not find some logical way to solve it, w…
  • Just finished this box. It is bit hard to escalate from initial user to next user. It was quite unpleasant to find out that the solution was easier than I thought. But it is rewarding as hell. Learned a lot of things by trying harder. Big thanks to…

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