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  • Type your comment> @cdf123 said: (Quote) Not su[RE] what you’[RE] [RE]ferring to :)
    in RE Comment by farbs July 20
  • Type your comment> @KeyboardCaper said: (Quote) Probably good to note for this that python -c 'import pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash")' won't work with any versions of Python3, so specifying python3 -c ... is necessary. Otherwise solid descr…
  • Type your comment> @BaiduFu said: (Quote) You did it backwards. fg stands for "foreground", meaning you'll be foregrounding the job you just "backgrounded" with CTRL+Z.
  • Got user after fighting with this for almost a month! And then rooted within an hour after :lol: Great box @0xEA31, you stumped me for quite a while :smile:
    in CTF - Machine Comment by farbs July 18
  • Well, finally rooted. The foothold for user was by no means a stretch of the imagination. Root on the other hand... Jesus Christ. I honestly can't possibly recommend this box to anyone. If you have multiple days to simply set aside and dedicate so…
    in Ghoul Comment by farbs July 18
  • Got user, and found the foothold for root. I know what I need to do now. This box is phenomenal @MrR3boot, nice work.
    in Player Comment by farbs July 18
  • Type your comment> @3mrgnc3 said: (Quote) Shameless ;) I see you.
  • Type your comment> @DaChef said: (Quote) Backtalk. Detention!
  • This is a good place to start - https://forum.hackthebox.eu/discussion/1467/machine-submission-checklist#latest From there, @Tilia makes a good argument. Creating a box is extremely variable and also heavily based on 1) prior experience, 2) intuiti…
  • Type your comment> @oztechmuse said: (Quote) Your movie analogy is the most accurate description of this box I think I've seen. Went to see it (do it), was kinda pissed I spent "money" (time...) on it, and now wishing I'd just waited f…
    in Ghoul Comment by farbs July 10
  • Type your comment> @MrR3boot said: (Quote) Hmm, if only the countdown was shorter ;)
    in Player Comment by farbs July 6
  • Interesting already with what I've found :)
    in Player Comment by farbs July 6
  • What have you tried so far to resolve this? Some common resolutions for this problem that I've seen in the past are: 1) Simply restart your VPN connection (make sure you kill the process manually/re-run it again). 2) Re-download your connection p…
  • Type your comment> @adam12 said: (Quote) Depending on your syntax, you can actually do it all without the tool anyways.
    in Haystack Comment by farbs July 2
  • Type your comment> @TMFS24 said: (Quote) This. I'm big on jumping back and forth between boxes when I get stumped or just want a change of pace. This makes it much more of a hassle to do that, not to mention you have to do a decent amount of &q…
  • Click on the machine you want the image for, and then click "Info Card". This will bring up a much higher resolution image of the default box avatar as well as its stats. This is what I use for all of my writeups.
  • Root was a blast! Solid machine. Go back to the basics :)
    in onetwoseven Comment by farbs June 29
  • This is great! For those curious, http://pentest.ws has a "Shells" tab that does the exact same thing in-browser! But for keeping it simple and remaining in console, your solution is awesome too :) Kudos!
    in reverseme Comment by farbs June 27
  • Type your comment> @21y4d said: (Quote) What @21y4d said. Although I will say, using a different (known) method, I managed to crack the hash in about 20 seconds... Just thought I'd throw out there that the cracking step isn't intended to be gut…
    in Ellingson Comment by farbs June 27
  • From what I understand, they tend to stay true to the "order of the list" for the most part, but if there is a box that would fit better into the flow of the most current releases, then something else might be decommissioned so the new box…
  • Type your comment> @Leonishan said: (Quote) He's just trying to steal flags. Just disregard lol.
    in Chainsaw Comment by farbs June 27
  • For user: Web enumeration and figuring out port 443 are going to be essential. B*** S**** is your friend. Root: The "changes" comment made above by @brasky is a good one. You can easily insert your own code into "the file" as we…
    in Fortune Comment by farbs June 27
  • Could you maybe elaborate a little more on this...?
    in machine Comment by farbs June 27
  • Hi there, It seems you're trying to access a machine that is retired, but isn't listed in the "VIP" section of Hack The Box. You can still access this box, however, with the new Beta version of VIP. Here are some instructions for downloa…
  • Hi guys! Working on getting through this one at the moment but just working on enum atm... Found the "Missing Command!" Am I on the right track? Minor/non-spoiler hints appreciated as well :)
    in HackBack Comment by farbs June 26
  • This machine is awesome! Haven't "gotten" root yet, but I have my notes written and know what I need to do once I'm off work, so consider this box pwned! Thanks for the box @no0ne and @Adamm, it was legit!
    in Kryptos Comment by farbs June 26
  • Rooted. Took longer than expected with work days lasting so long recently. Only worked on the box ~20-30 minutes at a time. Still, smooth and simple and I'm thankful for a break from some of these head banging machines. Props to @manulqwerty and @G…
    in Jarvis Comment by farbs June 25
  • Better believe I'm rockin' these waves while poppin' shells - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSbGMbxZOW8
    in Music Comment by farbs June 25
  • Type your comment> @Uvemode said: (Quote) Feel free to DM me and we can discuss. I'm almost finished rooting at the moment.
    in Jarvis Comment by farbs June 24
  • Type your comment> @Uvemode said: (Quote) No need to brute force anything. Should be right in front of you to get your first shell.
    in Jarvis Comment by farbs June 24

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