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  • What a beauty root, love it ... truly... Anyone here to discuss the ways for the user :D ? I'm curious about the methods to get it s: btw, why this smasher2 box gives no badge ? :open_mouth: cheers!
    in Smasher2 Comment by f4d3 June 2019
  • What a ride, nice quest! loved/hated it, I mean, the journey is awesome, It forces you to do a good and depth enumeration on every place that you land... If not, it's easy to fall in the feeling of f**k this guessing game. Apart, It's nice not bein…
    in Ghoul Comment by f4d3 June 2019
  • Type your comment> @ecdo said: (Quote) .__. rolf
    in Swagshop Comment by f4d3 May 2019
  • Oh god, what a pain this box... haha, "learned tons" but the hard way... Little's advices: user: if you're on linux, and you wanna make a tunnel, this word must not be in the respective config file... rolf ... root: try harder on what th…
    in Conceal Comment by f4d3 March 2019
  • (Quote) Lo siento! me faltó explicar ese pequeño gran detalle, lanzando un $ openssl enc -ciphers, te da la lista de posibles ciphers, también me pareció raro que no estuviera, siendo que es el cipher por defecto del programa. Ya teniendo esta lista…
  • Fuzz the world (? Nain? Halp
    in Redcross Comment by f4d3 November 2018
  • (Quote) Try to guess at the begining, maybe the Guest user could give you kind words n.n If it didn't make sense, PM me ;)
    in Zipper Comment by f4d3 November 2018
  • Got shell on the second container as ww******, is there a chance to privesc here ? Or that's just a dead end ? I have tons of information, about the others containers... What they have, and how they interact with me... Got the network diagram and th…
  • What a journey rolf, I learned a lot btw, amazing box, thanks to the creator :3 ... my littles advices for the journey: (Quote) Cheers!
    in Dab Comment by f4d3 October 2018
  • lala testint, many thanks :D
  • Rooted! Very interesting privesc, took me a while to figure all out... For user: keep it simple! the enumeration will tell you everything. For root: Enumerate and learn about the services/prot that the box is using. and keep one eye on the webpage …
    in Carrier Comment by f4d3 October 2018
  • Rooted ! Was very hard for me, windows is complety out of my comfort zone... For user: (Hate this) Enumerate again, google is you'r friend, check what you can upload :D . One advice for privesc, if u wanna do this via Met******t, check the architec…
    in Bounty Comment by f4d3 September 2018
  • Im thinking about if the high port number is a "sunset" ? If that's correct, rolf, +1 to creator haha !
  • Rooted ! Nice box btw, just annoying when people crash the box, ppl, a bomb its not necessary, never, :+1: Just enumerate ;) Any hint, just ask :D ! cheers!
  • Got root.txt rolf, what a nice box on the privesc, pushing me to learn new things, I've never seen it before :+1: Anyone who want some help, just ask! Cheers!
  • Rooted! Finally, I got stuck in so many places by mistake, btw, nice box, learned a lot ✊🏿 ! My advice: keep it simple! Sometimes you just not need fully access to the machine btw, if u want the access, just pacience and cat files, rolf. Even no…
    in Hawk Comment by f4d3 August 2018
  • one big hint, put an eye on the "breakdowns" I hate this challenge, btw, no sense the last logic for me, everything else was good, cheers!
  • Rooted finally :D, what a good box btw. * hint: think as the developer keeping the things simple (including auth.) remove this, if this is a spoiler. DM if anyone is stuck, no problem !
    in Dev0ops hints Comment by f4d3 July 2018

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