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  • facepalm! I was working too hard.
  • Finally got root. Was a PIA because of constant resets and some users modifying my sploits. Was a good box after all.
    in Netmon Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Type your comment> @st4rry said: (Quote) In case it didn't work for you here's my advice as retribution for your 'unintended' help: a slight change in one digit can help :smile:
    in Netmon Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Type your comment> @st4rry said: (Quote) Ohhh! Thats a big spoiler I think :D I was searching for the password in the files and when I saw the number in your comment I inmediately knew what to search for. Then grep **** and found it. Thaaaaank …
    in Netmon Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Type your comment> @RyanW18 said: (Quote) Ok, thank you! This is getting me mad. Perhaps the problem is the way I got shell. EDIT: IT WAS WORKING! he problem was my shell. I was using a sploit I got on github but it seems its not 100% functiona…
    in Frolic Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Type your comment> @RyanW18 said: (Quote) I already watched it. Tried his method but still nothing. I've got addr with ld* and offsets with st****s.
    in Frolic Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • I'm trying to exploit the r*p binary. I've already read all this that was posted here: http://codearcana.com/posts/2013/05/28/introduction-to-return-oriented-programming-rop.html https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19124095/return-to-lib-c-buffer-o…
    in Frolic Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Type your comment> @laxudope said: (Quote) I googled p******S vulns and found a git repo with a usefull script. ;) One should always google first, as a rule. Good Luck!
    in Frolic Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Hello, I have idk*********s and enumerated the high http port but found nothing yet, I mean I found 4 dirs (one of them is loop) but found nowhere to use the pass. I've also found other service (brazilian dance) but doesn't seem to be the way. What …
    in Frolic Comment by epsequiel March 2019
  • Type your comment> @shadow1warrior said: (Quote) I think you should start by studying and learning. There are lots of videos with walkthroughs, check for example ippsec channel wich absolutely great. Also read writeups. You have to build a base…
  • Syntax and correct escaping are crucial. Hours lost because of that.
  • There is a bit of trolling
  • (Quote) Haha!! You are absolutely right. Someone solved it in repl.it and google hashed it so you can search for the key and find the python solution. @sk8teroy should make it private. Edit: I have no idea how they derived it was F****t cypher.
  • Got root! It was a fun box. Made me learn python crypt libs and sopmething else. :smiley:
    in Chaos Comment by epsequiel January 2019
  • OMG!! I want to kill myself. All this time z****r password was in front of me and I never tried to use it because I was convinced it was only used in that script. Im such an idiot. Now going for root. Edit: got root. :)
    in Zipper Comment by epsequiel January 2019
  • FINALLY ROOT SHELL. :relieved: This was a really simple machine yet it took me a lot of time and work hard to get root shell. I hope this is not a spoiler but for those seeking for root shell: the usual tool does not work, at least not with it's b…
  • (Quote) Very sad to see how it is now. This is a site where we can learn and talk about what we like. Why would someone come here and loose time creating messages of hatred??
  • I'm interested in creating a script for the initial foothold, be it bash shell or python. The farthest I came is to create a q*** in m****e and from there on I been doing it manually -it was a terrible hassle every time-. Anyone interested in talki…
  • (Quote) I think theres a lot of us who did exactly that and probably that is why there where soooooo many resets. I think there has to be a more elegant -and non destructive- way because this is not good practice and of course not at all stealthy
  • Finally rooted!!! It took me forever to get here, its been a lot more complicated than I anticipated. Thanks @Puru for your kind help. :)
  • (Quote) I second that, I'd appreciate any suggestion.
  • I'm struggling to get user, can someone please give me a nudge, i'd really appreciate it. I hate to ask but i cannot continue alone. At least perhaps just what tool are you using to enum?. I'm using std ones but found nothing yet. I'm on low priv sh…
  • (Quote) I'm having a really hard time finding this "interesting service". I'm looking for m****e and a****e mods but still found nothing. :(
  • (Quote) I'm looking for that same "interesting service" but can't figure what it is. Probably it's something obvious and i'm overthinking it. Grrrr!!
  • (Quote) Thank you, this hint helped me. I then used w***z and a small txt to try different passwds.
  • Anybody got root shell? I got root.txt but can't get a shell. I'll appreciate any hints.
  • (Quote) Of course, but in my case I was looking for hints on getting user1.
  • I'm a bit disappointed. After I got user1 it took me less than 5 minutes to get root. But that's not because I'm a good pentester but because the 'hints' in the forum where almost a spoiler. When I got user1 I already knew what to do to get root. I …

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