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  • Hi everyone, That's my first windows box that I really trying to solve, but I have no experience for windows pentest techs at all. Got user creds, logged in to some services but no luck getting shell, user flag, finding path to proceed. Please PM…
    in Forest Comment by ekka December 2019
  • Make sure that you use VIP connection pack to connect retired boxes in case if you bought VIP not so far ago
  • Rooted. Well... both user and root were not so hard as I thought from the beginning. Thanks to @mRr3b00t for one more enjoyable box :) Many thanks to @bumika for initial foothold nudge due I totally missed the hint For user: If you know the way b…
    in AI Comment by ekka December 2019
  • Wow! My first hard rated machine and that's looks good for me. Vector is always obvious, but you need to think and RTFM a lot. (at least that was so for me). Many thanks to @thek Learned a lot, was not familiar with any of software used here lol.
    in Registry Comment by ekka December 2019
  • Finally got root, woah. Thanks to @MrR3boot for this one. Some new techniques learned, new scripts written, basic enumeration skills renewed. Now I love mangoes even more. Initial foothold was the hardest part for me. For all who trying to ge…
    in Mango Comment by ekka December 2019
  • Hello all! I need a bit help with www-****, please PM me if you don't mind, I will write what I have and my conclusions for that, thanks.
    in Unattended Comment by ekka August 2019
  • What a great box! It's mine 9th but the best I've seen yet Thanks to @Itri3d for history reference at the beginning! Feel myself stupid at this moment So user was good, interesting and very logical. I've stuck for a few hours to sleep and code wge…
    in Craft Comment by ekka July 2019
  • Stuck on the user due the wrong syntax Stuck on the root due the wrong syntax Lol, that's a shame. Got it finally, root seems to be the easiest and most obvious part. Hints: User - never thought that Spanish needle is somehow different from Englis…
    in Haystack Comment by ekka July 2019
  • (Quote) this. :D
    in Swagshop Comment by ekka July 2019
  • Huh, rooted finally. Was able to find a root key after switching to free server. May anyone share their root pwning experience? I've tried quite a lot but failed all previous times, I really wonder what I was doing wrong. Appreciated. @jkr than…
    in Writeup Comment by ekka July 2019
  • @fr33s0ul great to hear it :)
    in Jarvis Comment by ekka July 2019
  • Type your comment> @fr33s0ul said: (Quote) I assume that it's because you running it as ##w#d### so that seems to be logical
    in Jarvis Comment by ekka July 2019
  • Just got a root after few days stuck on s********y due wrong syntax lol. Many thanks to @env for the user stage hints
    in Jarvis Comment by ekka July 2019

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