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  • i would like a little nudge, i found 2 or 3 accounts but they are not on 'open' platforms, found, sadly you, indeed, need a _ acocunt
  • if using o*****l you might need -m*_**5 and -n*****
  • anyone any idea on how to lock the doors? i made it say 0km/h, not sure if that's enough.. also i could not get the software to analyse the file.. edit: damm so close but no flag: {d..s:0,f..g:"",r..:800,s..r:0}
  • would like a nudge, i found the f*** site but don't see anything useful there.. i do not get the t.. 'hints' here (except the obvious one, but cannot find the personal account on there, way too much noise) finally found the flag.. somehow google r…
  • finally got it, beware of ****s (****2) not reporting all that can be found
  • finally found it, my hints: search (engines and functions) fail often, and pages suggest that they show all while there is more below that they hide..
  • i would like a nudge on initial steps.. i found eth and a Vb eth address t*****r profile and personal page but that seams to be a rabbit hole.. i dont understand how ppl an call the '10 clicks' 'super easy', i also dont get the h*****r hint, i foun…
  • because ++ is so unstable, instead of 'reload' log out then in
    in ServMon Comment by eightdot June 8
  • for whoever is also wasting time on user2.. the P**'nuts' are lying
    in Sauna Comment by eightdot June 7
  • initial foothold and user: way too much magic for my liking and rabbit holes because common tools not working/not being enough..
  • would really like a nudge on root, i found s**, some stuff in L*** and something that only returns **4. but no idea that to do/look-at next update: found my way forward, then missed a bit hint a client program gave me
    in Travel Comment by eightdot May 18
  • Still Stuck at a**/t*** m***** p********s, hints here and enum have not helped me yet.. would like a nudge
    in PlayerTwo Comment by eightdot April 21

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