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  • (Quote) Not sure how to give a hint without spoiling, but if you think it should work, read the documentation how to use this thing.
  • Type your comment> @rancilio said: (Quote) I know the struggle, if you have the correct stuff you should be able to work with it. I had the issue that my connection was broken after 1 query. So maybe a oneliner will do it for you.
  • Type your comment> @rpthomps said: (Quote) The hint is not needed, you are on the right path as I saw in your post before. Then look how you could use that information to gain more privileges. If you have found the way to go after and if you hav…
  • Type your comment> @eMVee said: (Quote) Please give me nudge, I'm a bit lost in this part
  • It should work what @mav3n mentioned. A good thing to remember is if you use msf to run the command show OPTIONS. This will show you all variables which can be configured.
  • Got stuck in the process, can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction? 1) Found the G***** page 2) Started a reverse shell via g********.py 3) Got a user g++ (added the plus instead of *, cause it changed it to bold) 4) Found out i'm in a c*…
  • Type your comment> @quangvo said: (Quote) Just enumerate some more on the page. Look for what you can do on the G***** page... And if you have access, find that important number to enumerate more information about the G*****
  • Hi all, got a bit stuck on the user part... I've found a lot of things and now I try to get the POC 46**.y working. I changed the basic information to the target and I tried to run it. After running it, I get the next error: VIEWSTATE = soup.f…
    in Remote Comment by eMVee May 2020
  • Type your comment> @HomeSen said: (Quote) Okay, the root is still the flag to submit to own the system? If so I can do it again... So the machine was rebooted a few seconds after I had the flag... ?
    in Traceback Comment by eMVee May 2020
  • Hi guys, i was wondering... I got the user and the root. But the Flag (submit flag) is wrong. I thought I had to paste the hash from the root as flag? Or am I missing something?
    in Traceback Comment by eMVee May 2020
  • Type your comment> @sh0wa said: (Quote) Just like sh0wa i got stuck on the api. I've read some documentation about the API and the exploit. I have to add my external script to the n*****.**i. But I've no clue how to do this. I never used an API …
    in ServMon Comment by eMVee May 2020

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