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  • @opt1kz said: Rooted. What a ride that was. As everyone else has said, the box lives up to its name. I was stuck spinning my wheels on privilege escalation for I don't even know how long, and has already been said several times... It's rig…
  • @securekomodo said: well folks, finally rooted this box. Rated it a total brainfuck cause i think my brain is srsly fucked now after privesc. My advice is to understand certain dependencies on files of interest, and research binary exploit…
    in Dab Comment by drmz August 2018
  • @3mrgnc3 said: hmnn... Access denied: .... cookie incorrect and... Missing parameters no idea on this one... lol Are we supposed to guess all parameters or will enumeration find some parameters?
    in Dab Comment by drmz August 2018
  • @muditjais said: load key invalid format solution??? or m i doing something rong?? Yeah, go over a valid private key (some examples online) and see what's wrong with yours
  • No problem Peek....always in for some guidance!
    in peek Comment by drmz August 2018
  • @opt1kz said: Update: Got a root shell after someone pointed out something very obvious that I was missing. Awesome box. Very realistic and challenging, as others have said. The hints in this thread are all on point. The biggest problem ev…
  • This initial foothold makes me tar tar tar...owno cry cry cry. Who xxan nudge me in the right direction via PM much appreciated
  • I would check the machine list and aim for some easy machines to make yourself familiar with the tooling needed. Free VPN is OK. Maybe later paid subscription. Or if you can spare a bit paid VPN, just to support the platform
  • Want to join a dutch team? PM me Only one rule #1 There are no rules. Want to have regular skype/whatever calls/meetings as well to talk things through (or any other medium that guarantees anonymity (if that is an issue for somebody)
  • Thanks for the effort. Much appreciated
  • Look forward to it I had a month labtime and enjoyed it. Exam later this year. From the prep you mention above I think you're perfectly fine

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