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  • when i use the evil method to try to walk my dog - he wont walk when i try the remote method i run into L**P connection errors - verbosity isnt helping much with the troubleshooting a PM hint would be appreciated
    in Forest Comment by drdave November 2019
  • edit: rooted - was overthinking it
    in Heist Comment by drdave November 2019
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  • Tips for Hackers: User If you do a good job enumerating this box with the access it provides, you will find the user.txt Root While fairly simple in concept, if you aren't careful with your tooling and creative thinking you will run into a number …
    in Netmon Comment by drdave May 2019
  • Congrats on passing and having the perseverance to "try harder" - I got 55 on my first attempt - going to try again soon after another 60 days in the lab. I was able to pop most of the public network (i got pain and sufferance, didn't get …
  • 10 PRINT A tool is only as good as its designer's understanding of what task the tool was intended to perform for the operator of the tool 20 GOTO 30 30 PRINT A tool is only as useful as its operators' understanding of the task they are trying to s…
  • Stuck on Playing with the color channels - noticed some differences between planes and the gray bits - Would appreciate a hint via PM
  • EDIT: Solved - YIKES!
  • While I generally agree overall with the sentiment expressed by the creator of this thread, I have spent some time ruminating about the CTF-y boxes I've encountered on the HTB platform. Attempting to find a silver lining to my "try harder"…
  • Stuck on getting root shell. Unable to figure out how to use what I have to get out of ld******1. Please PM me with any tips - it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Stuck on the low priv acct trying to get to user. Can't find anything that stands out after running through the usual enumeration scripts. Any tips would be appreciated.
    in Teacher Comment by drdave January 2019

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