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  • rooted, ty @TazWake for help. user1 to user2 was definitely not pleasant.
  • C:\Windows\system32>hostname FOREST C:\Windows\system32>whoami nt authority\system pwned if need help just dm
    in Forest Comment by devanshll January 2020
  • [email protected]:~# id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) cool box, user was definitely harder than user thanks @zalpha
    in Craft Comment by devanshll August 2019
  • im on the same boat, give me a heads up if the discord server is a reality
  • nice box, learned something new from it :) anything you must need for the entire box is in this post already, but if you want help just come inbox
    in Jarvis Comment by devanshll July 2019
  • rooted, really nice box. user was harder than root tbh
    in Writeup Comment by devanshll July 2019
  • cant seem to get on the right track for user, would appreciate if someone could do a little push
    in Swagshop Comment by devanshll July 2019
  • got root, thanks to @testacc22 for the hint on user, that was way harder than root.. got confused and deep in a rabbit hole because of a previous chall but each day learning something new right? about root, that was REALLY easy
    in Irked Comment by devanshll November 2018
  • feeling a moron atm, i know should be easy to understand this b***** file, but i just cant get it
    in Irked Comment by devanshll November 2018
  • rooted, thanks @resiliencia90 for the help.. if anyone want a hint just pm me
  • anyone can give a heads up regarding root? i think i maybe know what's going on but could use some advice
  • ROOTED after 3 days! that was fucking awesome hard, but learned alot of new things in windows.. a HUGE thanks to @franpen for the help, without you i wouldn't be able to do it buddy!
  • got user already, but pretty stuck with root. i don't actually know what to do with r****, since im pretty newbie with windows privesc.. if someone could pm me i would be very thankful

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