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  • Got second user shell now going for root. A HBT user said "something you should not run as root" and others said "no need shell to get root flag". I'd been enumerating usual places and running processes but nothing stands by my r…
  • Yet another "bash: 1 #: ambiguous redirect", here. This must be related to the way we are injecting some characters into that file.
  • Got user. I think that the best nudge so far I can give to get user is...upgrade your "tools".
  • Hi @ShreKy C should be learn if you want to know how operating systems works, as C is its main interface language. C will provide you with a wealthy landscape of how memory, processes, disk, A little C worth the time, specially when…
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) Thanks @TazWake . I already exploit it and upload a shell, from that point I'm stuck. I did the recon part but no clues trying to find the way to be "one of the two...".
  • Sorry for the noob question (long time without cracking boxes) Does anyone able to ssh it with user/pass only? Got some passes but cannot ssh'them. Thanks!
  • Stuck on upload. I googled everything on bypassing FU filteres. I have a very simple payload, just a print but I can bypass it. Any hints?
    in Bounty Comment by deibit June 2018
  • (Quote) In general, credentials allow one to authenticate to services...
    in Stratosphere Comment by deibit June 2018
  • Got user. One has to pay very much attention to the text...nice one
    in Aragog Comment by deibit June 2018
  • Dear gentlemen. Found a *** script that only get you back a enigmatic phrase about a certain high number of *****. Found the *** server and download ****.*** file about a mask. I tried all the wordlist of the universe but I'm getting i…
    in Aragog Comment by deibit June 2018
  • Kudos to @overcast to such a delightful machine. Rooted and learned a lot of stuff.
    in Canape Comment by deibit June 2018
  • (Quote) Ok, don't know how but ended up getting another key, not the expected one.
    in Valentine Comment by deibit June 2018
  • Well, stuck on this one for days...chasing the username. Got the key, the passphrase, tried one hundred billions usernames but nothing works. Key should be good, checked with openssl. Used various exploit and grepping through the trash does not give…
    in Valentine Comment by deibit June 2018

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