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  • I need help with root please, while collecting data I'm getting error with cert, even if I add switch to ignore it it does not work... any hint?
  • Can somebody help me with software, Linux or Windows, I understand challenge idea but can't fine SW to decode sound file. Tnx
  • Can somebody help me with final stage, I just need right syntax to get my file (output of file of course) :) Edit: rooted, nevermind... :)
  • People are being misleading telling that when you get almost you're done, you are not! There are few more steps and few more tools 'till you get your flag. PM me for hints :)
  • Guys, I'm having issues with RCE, I can list scripts, modify them but when I try to execute them, I get error:"Application error.","data":"No permissions to referred object or it does not exist!" My script is ok becaus…
  • Finally rooted, one tip, there's one file with same characteristics like file that should be used, I can tell that to me fake one looks even more suspicious than right one, lost ton of time there... PM me for help.
    in Irked Comment by deda1mraz December 2018
  • I know how to exploit pl****S app and read file system, I can even read user flag, but not sure how to proceed, reading files in /home/someuser directory does not help (or I'm missing something), there's one file with SETTINGS and some hashes inside…
  • Rooted! Thanks a log @ZaphodBB for assistance, very nice Linux feature that I was't aware of :)
  • (Quote) Best tip that you can get on priv. esc., spent a lot of time before I figured out that, I'n articles they're usually using root for example of principal :)
  • I don't get it, I have all files for priv. user (key, cert & signed cert) but every time I generate new key or convert existing is says it's a public key. Key is protected on file system level and even if I allow s**-***** to output it to defaul…
  • I have user and hash, name of share and name of file as well but when I try to GET it, I get error "You don't have enough permissions to access..." using other tool I get yet another error "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILU…
  • It looks like that there's and issue with hashcat, it recognizes hash go trough rockyou and does not crack it... JTR works but there's 'special' version that you need to find, works with
  • Would love to join, I have CEH & OSCP and working on OSCE :)
  • Can anybody hint me, I'm on priv. esc. and I think that I have all I need but when executing my exploit, compiled for new environment what I have, I got following error: [err] bytes < 0, are you root? Any hint is highly appreciated!
  • Manage to get shell without bypassing anything, even after reset shell is still there, not sure am I doing something wrong because I'm not hitting issues that everybody are mentioning and it looks very easy and trivial... please let me know is this …
  • Hi everybody, I manage to get root maybe too easy and I'd like to check my approach, if anybody is willing we can take it offline, my idea is to use technique that everybody are talking about (r***s) and to run common program on target in order to …
  • (Quote) Hm, now it works without any tweaking, just with regular u/n and p/w.... EDIT: I can log in but when I try to do anything I'm getting "Internal server error" or similar errors.... EDIT: Now it works fine....
    in Giddy Comment by deda1mraz October 2018
  • Hi, I have user and pass (pass cracked from hash) and I'm trying to login to 'command prompt' via web but I'm getting error that connection cannot be established, when I try with Metasploit module for same access type, in HTTP response I'm getting 5…
    in Giddy Comment by deda1mraz October 2018
  • (Quote) @reubadoob it looks like that there's a bug in hashcat version that I'm using, it can recognize the format of hash but if I run it against rockyou it will not crack it, however, with right version of JtR it will work ;) HTH
  • Gang, I have admin user's crypto material which I should be able to crack with hashcat or JtR, HC can recognize format but rockyou does not crack password, according to info from few of you it should. JtR does not recognize format at all, it's docum…

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