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  • (Quote) yes, it's so lazy, why you have to bruteforce if you can just bla bla bla bla.
  • (Quote) why don't you try lazy trick to get f-- access? :D
  • (Quote) read this thread first, try to understand, you can drop me a message if need help.
  • (Quote) read the manual
  • (Quote) yes that is not admin, get user.txt first with thus account, then privesc to got root.txt
  • (Quote) If you have already read the email, it should logged in successfully.
  • Finally got r00t, if you stuck on root.txt, read this carefully * make sure you know where is the full path of root.txt * you can check with c_dk_y /list of course the Administrator is save the password in Credential manager * Somehow type command …
  • (Quote) Sorry, I don't get it. I try f__ and s__ login with thus credential but no luck. So I don't know where to go with thus credential. UPDATED : Finally got user.txt, looks like I need to reset machine then login to t_l_et using thus credential…
  • Stuck on get user. I already read email so I know security account and the password, but try to log in in f** failed, try to login s__ logged in as en_in__r and security but I can't read anything. Where I'm doing wrong?
  • (Quote) nevermind, wrong thread. I should this is about Access machine, not Active machine.
  • for anyone facing this issue, try to regenerate connection pack. it solved my problem.
  • Hi, scanning using nmap and it show f** and t****t is closed, it is ok? I read some post in this thread they login to f** then download something. anyone can give me hint?
  • anyone please?
  • never mind, it was parameter problem. for anyone which get "What you are trying to do?" make sure just change third parameter. Finally solved.
    in Grammar Comment by darkcyber July 2018
  • I'm not so sure that my payload is correct. Because I still get "What you are trying to do?" can I ask for help? thanks
    in Grammar Comment by darkcyber July 2018

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