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  • Type your comment> @txer2208 said: (Quote) Nope, revisit where you got user...
  • Nice and easy box, but a new priv esc for me which I enjoyed learning about, thanks InfoSecJack!
  • Just rooted/system'd this box, however got stuck for a long time on root -- I was actually entering the right commands, it was (I think) because of my shell. For people that have rooted this box - do you know why I was getting errors with m*****c.ex…
  • Trying to bruteforce files other than t**o.txt -- I have found the u***** endpoint and creds but not sure what to do from here
  • Rooted. Pretty easy machine in comparison to other medium boxes. P.M. for a nudge
  • Anyone else having issues with the credentials not working? I know I have the right ones (backed up by walkthroughs online) but I cannot log into d****s.w****r.htb
  • Rooted. Foothold: --> the answer is right in front of you, basic enum, lots of tutorials online once you're "in" User: --> run your typical scripts, but read EVERYTHING -- no matter how dumb it may seem Root: --> you will proba…
  • has been updated... strange
  • (Quote) You can actually see the issue in the badge of my post and comment lol
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) Yep I can see that I have moved to Pro Hacker, but my numeric rank in the leaderboard has remained the same.
  • Stuck on root. Any nudges please
  • Been trying X** i******ons on the known page for ages now - cannot find the right payload. Nudge would be so appreciated
  • Rooted! Quite a tricky box, but a very good one. So many hints in this forum, but if you need an extra nudge feel free to message
    in Magic Comment by coopertim13 August 2020
  • Lots of creds, no progress (for root) - any nudges please
  • Spoiler Removed
  • Been trying to locate ******-*****.x** for many days now - please DM me with a small nudge
  • Cannot for the life of me find this login page everyone is speaking of - I'm 99% sure I know what is being referred to, but I cannot find it. Any help at all would be so appreciated. EDIT: Found it, moving onto trying to login - why aren't the cred…
    in Admirer Comment by coopertim13 June 2020
  • Cannot figure out how to bruteforce this password - I know I have correct user, any help would be much appreciated EDIT: Rooted! Thanks so much to @haCKNg for the nudge for initial foothold - by far the hardest part of this box
  • Rooted. Easy user, hard root (for me, anyway). All tips posted on forum already are definitely enough, seriously just had to try harder to get it in the end.
  • Please need bump for initial foothold / user. Found login page and tried MANY in******n techniques, but have gotten nowhere. Please help. EDIT: Just rooted, thankyou so much to @4v3r4g3 for giving me the bump to get me to user. I personally found u…
  • After about a week I have finally rooted this box! First hard box from me, big thankyou to @3ken45 @J0hnD03 @noi for the nudges. A few tips from me: User: find out what the web service is, and read up on common ways to "exploit" it. There…
  • Could someone please give me a bump to get from user to root? In admin console for b*** but can't exploit service. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  • Rooted! Fun box, user is way harder than root in my opinion. I didn't use anything from metasploit to get initial shell, but I also didn't come up with a script myself. Lots and lots of research and trialling different exploits. Everything else fa…
  • Got user, but now stuck on root. I can see the obvious line in file to use to exploit, but don't know how to use it. Any hints would be appreciated.
  • @coopertim13 said: (Quote) Had the right password the whole time, just had to reset the box for it to work. Pretty dumb.
    in Netmon Comment by coopertim13 March 2019
  • I have gotten the password from P*** C************.o.b and I know from reading the forum this needs to be edited slightly for the web login, but I can't seem to get it. I have taken the hint with 'what year is it' and changed the last digit, but I c…
    in Netmon Comment by coopertim13 March 2019

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