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  • Type your comment> @sm4sh0ps said: (Quote) This just helped me as well.
  • @TazWake got it.....oh was good while it lasted...time to find a new way to get a good shell going
  • is nc supposed to be on this box? it was yesterday
  • Rooted. Nice box, everything from beginning to end is fairly easy just overthinking it might make it take longer. PM for nudges.
  • Finally rooted using U****C user was actually way easier for me than root. Learned some for root, definitely a fun box. I think ill try through TV now. PM me for nudges.
    in Remote Comment by cnmprfx July 2020
  • Rooted the box a 2 days ago thanks @Harbard for the nudges for root, cool box learned some new stuff. PM me for nudges.
    in Magic Comment by cnmprfx June 2020
  • So i acquired the m**** creds and i know i have to interact with it somehow. I have been throwing commands + q*****s in the url to no avail, tried remoting in as well through terminal still no luck. Im pretty stuck as to how to interact with it at …
    in Magic Comment by cnmprfx June 2020
  • Just rooted 1st box thanks to @Franna and @S0clyst for the nudges. Message for a nudge.
    in Postman Comment by cnmprfx November 2019
  • 1st box and finally got in now for privilege escalation. Any nudges would be greatly appreciated. Used r**** to get in through s** as r****. Need to root. Learned alot so far thanks to @Franna for the initial nudge greatly appreciated.
    in Postman Comment by cnmprfx November 2019

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