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  • Fantastic easy box. Reminder that just because something isn't in gtfobins doesn't mean you can't run commands with it If you're looking for help, don't be afraid to send me a message but make sure you include info on what you've tried and what you…
  • Type your comment> @hri said: > (Quote) > I'm facing the same issue.... Does anyone know how I can get this to work? This is an ongoing issue with the rotating flags. @TazWake has an entire copypasta regarding it. In short, change s…
  • As others have said, this is a great example of an easy box. Foothold: What are you being allowed to do? What version is running? Privesc: No linpeas or linenum required. Just take a look around and read then abuse Root: Classic privesc to root wit…
  • Piggy backing on @fluffikinz, don't forget to actually look at everything. Lorem ipsum does not mean lorem skip em
    in [Mobile] Cat Comment by cmoon January 5
  • Rooted! Gotta be one of the easier boxes recently imo. Plenty of hints in the forum, but don't be afraid to reach out if you're stuck! Just let me know where you are and what you've already tried.
  • (Quote) Probably should have on this one but I figured I was just too impatient. Definitely done that before
  • Type your comment> @aimforthehead said: > Am I the only one who still got the 502 ? I had to resort to changing servers over and over again until I found one that had a working webpage.
  • Type your comment> @junglemonkey said: (Quote) Completely unrelated to root or admin access. It's for the website to track if you have an active machine/so you have control over resets and extension.
  • Finally rooted. I was stuck on root for hours. Felt really dumb once I finally figured it out. Thank you to @SpawnZii for confirming I was in the right spot. Feel free to message for nudges, but as always let me know what you've tried
  • Would really appreciate a nudge on root. Everyone is saying it's easy but I'm totally lost...
  • Hint for those struggling with a foothold: If you get a "Something went wrong" error, try a different bin
  • So many hours wasted trying to grep through /var/logs. Once I got past the first user I got root within 5 minutes. Had to use a local tool I'd never heard of before. Feel free to PM for nudges but let me know what you've already tried. Plenty of hi…
  • I've gotten user but am struggling to get to 2nd user. Looking for nudges. Spend several hours looking through logs at this point and am obviously missing something
  • Rooted! Thank you to @zaphoxx for a nudge on foothold. Had been on the exact article but thought it wasn't right. Not much to say that others haven't. Foothold is the only challenging part. Feel free to PM for nudges if you include what you know a…
  • Just got root with some nudges from @trab3nd0 and @LMAY75 Some tips: Foothold: Find someone else to appraise your jewels. As others have said, the github page is mostly correct but there is a typo and some encoding issues Root: Don't be afraid of b…
  • I'm stuck on d****s.worker.htb with creds r***l. Anyone willing to help give me nudges on getting this deployment working? Having issue getting the pipeline and release setup. Edit: Rooted thanks to @FelisLeo
  • Phew, took me long enough but eventually got root. Shoutout to @Darvidor @caveeroo @limelight @he110w0r1d @exord26 for all their help and nudges. Plenty of hints already but feel free to reach out if you're stuck
  • Spoiler Removed
  • Anyone got past the login portal yet?
  • Phew, finally rooted. My hint for those with a shell/RCE and struggling with the flags, learn how to use the powershell version of ls with date filters. From there you get the file everyone is talking about and everything you've been trying and read…
  • Type your comment> @OxO said: (Quote) I have access to read the file just fine. Both user.txt and admin.xml. When I try that xml file with $cred = import-clixml .\admin.xml I get "Import-CLIXML: Error occurred during a cryptographic operati…
  • Stuck on priv esc after getting a reverse shell. From what I understand I need to become the user instead of system so I can use import-clixml without getting the crypto warning. I did see an old password in hardening.txt but it didn't work for admi…
  • Got root on this but don't think I did it the intended way? Went the TV route but still don't think it was right? Would appreciate someone reaching out
    in Remote Comment by cmoon August 2020
  • Phew, after many hours finally cracked root. @TazWake Getting a full shell instead of a bad workout was key Willing to give advice/nudges as long as you tell me what you've already tried 😊
  • Anyone willing to give me a nudge in DMs? I have the user 'shell' and I have my exploit for the local service as an exe and confirmed it works on a test win10 machine.
  • Finally got root. A bit annoyed on the syntax with the filter... Anyone know why the extra space was needed despite the doc stating that it should be no space? Feel free to pm for hints for root or user.
    in Haystack Comment by cmoon July 2019
  • Got root thanks to @deviate great hints that helped me understand without holding my hand or giving me the answer. PM for hints
    in Writeup Comment by cmoon July 2019

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