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  • Box was awesome, learned some new tricks and had a great couple of days figuring out things I overlooked to easy. Well created @askar ! (Image)
  • Darn.... overlooked it 100 times. Got user.. next up . root :)
  • Stuck at dashboard/upload part... can't seem to figure out the upload dir nor what this timestamp has to do with it. Any PM/Hints would be appreciated :).
  • (Quote) Just try it and you will see :). Or just use cat for contents.
    in Curling Comment by chojin February 2019
  • I guess I have it almost there... just cannot seem to exploit the helpdeskz thing. How can i verify the local time of the server to make sure it matches mine?! PM would be nice. Thanks! Edit: Actually pretty sure I have the time correct... (curl -…
  • Removed, probably already have it... #TryHarder :) Finally after 3 days... got root! Not sure if I did it the right way... but found the root.txt file. Didn't got the root password though (john still busy on it.. not sure if it will succeed). Lea…
    in Curling Comment by chojin February 2019
  • Type your comment> @R0B07 said: (Quote) Im feeling like a fr34king nub haha.. (actually I am :P). Did notice python3, but I couldn't execute it.. perhaps I was just doing it wrong. Thanks for this m8.
    in Curling Comment by chojin February 2019
  • Got non-interactive shell... cant seem to get it TTY.. anyone PM for some guidance?
    in Curling Comment by chojin February 2019
  • Stuck at... well.. the beginning :-). Anyone who could gimme a tip or something how to obtain user?
    in SecNotes Comment by chojin January 2019
  • (Quote) If you need any help, send a DM.
    in Poison Comment by chojin August 2018

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