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  • > @Crafty said: > Note to creators: You should realy patch the box with some cron script to clean the files and reset some directories. Too many people is rooting the box without knowing what they are doing and thinking it's the inttended way…
    in ForwardSlash Comment by chivato April 8
  • > @foxlox said: > @chivato this machine is powerful, I loved it, only a thing: many peoples wrote me to ask nudges on root, because 7 on 10 said that found the directory with i****a Key already in, skipping a lot of steps. > > I thin…
    in ForwardSlash Comment by chivato April 5
  • > @hg8 said: > So far loving the "Please take care of our planet, we only have one." Hahahah, glad someone mentioned this. P.S. All feedback is appreciated! Talk to us so we can improve! As long as it is constructive we will t…
    in ForwardSlash Comment by chivato April 5
  • Type your comment> @StayNe said: (Quote) I get you, don't worry, I think the main thing was the hint, we were being told that the WHOLE thing was packed with hints, when really there was one word that was actually relevant. You only need one wor…
    in August Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Type your comment> @ReverseBrain said: (Quote) lmfao not flag sharing, there is a wikipedia link, with relevant people called august, that is all you need, you should have it within 10 mins of that... I did not like how this challenge made you r…
    in August Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Type your comment> @StayNe said: (Quote) So you have confirmed to them who the men are...?
    in August Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Type your comment> @StayNe said: (Quote) Wait a minute... wat
    in August Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Can you let us all know one thing, is it a stretch of a challenge, as in, will we learn from it, and is it hard because it has a learning curve, or is it hard because it is a very far stretch and a guessing game?
    in August Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Very nice tool honestly, used it very recently.
  • I have no idea how you would solve this with a forensics tool, I did it all manually and as far as I can tell it was all identical to a certain cipher that is crypto 101... I guess I took the hard route, although once I realized the initial "ci…
  • test
    in HairCut Comment by chivato July 2019
  • September 2017... Feels like yesterday :(
  • Rockyou? I have no idea where rockyou would come into this challenge... it is certainly not needed. If you need a password, try looking for patterns somewhere (keep the challenge title in mind).
  • EXTREMELY disappointed. I rooted it a couple of hours ago since the whole script is online... I then moved on to trying to root it with some unintended method, so I actually felt like i deserved to root the box... the whole thing was enumeration and…
    in Smasher2 Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Right, I spent way too long on this challenge. Ignore the fact it is in forensics. Should 100% be in crypto.
  • Type your comment> @12thRockyou said: (Quote) Yes, I know which one you are talking about, the exploit that stood out was very fun, but like I said, I still think the initial foothold was a bit of a stretch :)
    in Player Comment by chivato July 2019
  • Personally, i really enjoyed this box. Although the initial foothold was a bit of a stretch. I appreciate the hint that was given, but I'm not sure it was enough to save certain poor souls. Overall, I believe it was a solid 9/10 of a box. I also hig…
    in Player Comment by chivato July 2019
  • The aim at the end of the day is to learn, and to make sure you know what to do the next time you come across this issue (of course, if you can use google and do your own research it is more rewarding and you will be more likely to remember it).
  • Type your comment> @YanTayga said: (Quote) As in, if you learn from your mistake, or from what you asked, then it is ok. But if you just want to skip something and copy/paste commands, then it is a waste of time for both you, and the person who …
  • Ok, so, personally, I don't think asking for help is a bad thing if you really need it. It is only bad if you mindlessly enter the command. Whereas, if you analyze the command, understand what it is you are running/doing to get to where you want to …
  • Can confirm this will be enough, I am sure you will smash it, and remember, if you fail, ask them why, and build on it, then dive back into it. Failing is part of the process, nothing to be ashamed of. But if you can root those machines alone in a d…
  • I think this would genuinely be more of a learning experience than some of the boxes that have been released.... just in the wrong field. P.S. I found a writeup online, you may want to get it removed before people save it.... https://homeguides.sfg…
  • By the way, how long would it take to root?
  • For fuck sake ignis I knew I could count on you for something this brilliant. Truly an amazing learning experience.
  • Type your comment> @MinatoTW said: (Quote) So the box is a time-waster by design! Good to know.
    in Ghoul Comment by chivato May 2019
  • Type your comment> @MinatoTW said: (Quote) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL cough cough
    in Ghoul Comment by chivato May 2019
  • (Quote) Relax big man you're doing good take a deep breath and have a glass of water. I believe in you <3 oWo rawr xd
  • uWu
  • Jesus this is hard. Well deserved 100th box. I have a shell, as s*****, bunch of interesting things. So, many, rabbit, holes.
  • I have a couple hints... but none rn, haven't even user'd :p

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