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  • stuck on following the instructions and trying to install the image but says no such file when its sitting there. Update - got this after copying and pasting the script - there are issues with the searchsploit version
  • trying to bypass login page ... have dumped the data using s****p but nothing of use..followed the video and no info on users. hint would be good
    in Cache Comment by chiefgreek May 2020
  • Hi, I've got shell as i*** but am trying to I-C as H but I only managed to get one password using s***** for M****** this doesn't work as a cred for H. Seen others found two using s***** . I can't decrypt the hashes either. Edit - got it with hash…
    in Control Comment by chiefgreek April 2020
  • could do with a hint on the initial,,,,,, go the noe and have tried fuzzing endpoints, subs, used own cewl from both pages, tried hints in the name of the group as directories, changed hostname to back, tied various index ends, fuzzd wth that...get…
  • Am struggling with poc - can't get a ping or test-connection back nor downloadstring or file running from the cmd.x or ps.x no connection.
    in Remote Comment by chiefgreek March 2020
  • Finally rooted but was forced to use S-A. Couldn't create a user that worked with evil despite adding to remote group. Couldn't create a PS Session with Kali pwsh either. In the end the route that i was using worked (follow path, up the reps and dum…
  • Could do with a hint on how to log in with new user. Can create new user and add to relevant groups but then when eviling in it doesn't recognise that user. also if I use s-A and give rep extensions i get rpc access denied on dumping
  • I'm trying to b**** the r**** folders. Have written a bash script using the r**** command for listing. I've got a user from known p*** file. Is there other useful folders to help me get a shell ? at the moment my home made dirb isn't finding anything
  • Rooted - main issue is there are two ways to launch i******* s** server one gets reverse shell the other doesn't - other than that online guide shows how to do exploit - though this is easier with straight forward running of payload - ignore mentio…
  • Hi I have a password and lots of users. The password doesn't work with the person who it is mentioned with on s**c***** have tried it with other users but no luck
  • I am at root stage. Keep hearing it is it because people are using metasploit. is there a manual way.
  • Hi, I have got the hashed credential and found the hidden keys in the hidden folder but still can't get in as its asking for passphrase there another credential ?
  • Can't get binary to run on my machine. Does it have to be x64 ?
  • HI, Need a hint here .. I am stuck in the jail. I got a reverse shell using the script and creds. Am in the d****** . I can enumerate the database but only retrieve one user which is the creds from before. Have found db creds but they don't work on …

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