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  • Try harder indeed. Root was a journey, damn. Read the man pages. Twice.
    in Ypuffy Comment by ccma40 September 2018
  • (Quote) So, it seems (based on PM feedback) that I've likely got the right creds, but they are not working on the form that should take them. If anyone can PM me with a particular URL it would be appreciated...I feel like my box is jacked
    in Hawk Comment by ccma40 September 2018
  • I'm going to lose my mind. I cracked the ***nc within a few minutes but can't for the life of me figure out what to do with my new-found creds. Some hint via PM would be appreciated.
    in Hawk Comment by ccma40 September 2018
  • Finally got root - what a journey :| Other than the one part where we have to guess, great box!
    in Olympus Comment by ccma40 September 2018
  • (Quote) Ignore - rooted now. What a ride
  • Can someone PM me? I've got a question re: traversal (pre-user)
  • (Quote) So...the network conditions were definitely not helping. Certain tools were having issues returning all their results which resulted in certain...interesting users not being returned. Frustrating.
  • On the note of enumerating the interesting services, can someone send me a pointer or two? I'm not sure if I can try the output of the tools I'm using right now due to the network issues Thanks,
  • (Quote) Sent. The stability of this box is terrible
  • (Quote) As others have said, the information you need is in a man page
    in Poison Comment by ccma40 August 2018
  • (Quote) It's expected depending on how you're connecting. Fixable, just google a solution (there are other posts in this thread that discuss this in more detail than they should, just fyi)
    in Poison Comment by ccma40 August 2018
  • Finally got root after wasting far too much time on the zip file Send me a PM if you need some help.
    in Poison Comment by ccma40 August 2018

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