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  • Thanks for the box @VbScrub, amazing, thanks to @thammarit to give me the correct parameters for the final step.
    in Cascade Comment by c4ph00k April 4
  • Finally rooted, great respect for @MariaB and @snownoob, without their help was impossible for me to solve the box, thanks also to my friend @steps0x29a for his hints and support. There is a lot to learn in this box, it is not easy and immediate, t…
    in Book Comment by c4ph00k March 23
  • Easy but funny box, thanks @Xh4H
    in Traceback Comment by c4ph00k March 18
  • Rooted, is is a funny box, root part is easy.
    in Sauna Comment by c4ph00k March 3
  • Rooted, thanks to @DarioTwitta for the important hint, @steps0x29a and @vxa7d to give me the help. User really simple. Truly speaking i was in a black hole for root, without an help, especially to understand why what used by others for me was not wo…
    in Forest Comment by c4ph00k February 28
  • Great box, really interesting and is not easy. Thanks @VbScrub . Thanks to @aguiar507 for the hint about the 0 byte file, really appreciate.
    in Nest Comment by c4ph00k February 12
  • Rooted, nice the user part, python helped me a lot to harvest users name and passwords. About the root, I got the flag without the root shell, if somebody got the shell can PM me? I don't understand why my command didn't work. thanks.
    in Mango Comment by c4ph00k February 6
  • Get root, simplest than the user.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by c4ph00k January 22
  • Finally rooted, thanks to @iSmarsh for the final hint about the ps script. Good box, googling don't be so confident to find the correct script. I lost time for this reason.
    in Monteverde Comment by c4ph00k January 20
  • I root the box but @BrokenGQ gave me a great help, thanks so much man. Thanks also to @1urch for the initial hint. I have a gap on windows knowledge.
    in Resolute Comment by c4ph00k January 16
  • Rooted, nice box especially for python developers, thanks to @clubby789
    in Obscurity Comment by c4ph00k January 7
  • Type your comment> @wewppp said: (Quote) i did a mistake with other file and not the correct one, I solved and john works correct with rkyo*.txt. i got the user flag, now i'm working for the root. Thanks. edited - rooted, a bit dislike about th…
    in Postman Comment by c4ph00k January 4
  • How many time John needs to finish his job? I started it 3 hours ago and he is still working... I did a stupid mistake...
    in Postman Comment by c4ph00k January 3
  • funny box, it is not so common. PM me if you need some hint.
    in Craft Comment by c4ph00k July 2019
  • Rooted, thanks to @bash_shabakate for the hint. enumeration is the hardest problem, i think.
    in Luke Comment by c4ph00k June 2019
  • Rooted finally, nice machine and interesting exploits both user and root. Thanks to @BashShabakate0 to drive me in the correct way to get user access.
    in Writeup Comment by c4ph00k June 2019
  • Nice machine. it is not so easy get user because a lot of reset root is quite simple with a good enumeration thanks to @ch4p
    in Swagshop Comment by c4ph00k June 2019
  • I'm tired about so many reboots.
    in Swagshop Comment by c4ph00k June 2019
  • Nice machine, really a lot to learn. Thanks to @HEXE and @Chrix87 for their help. Root is not complicate i think get user it is not so easy, but I used only Kali. Thanks to @L4jmpje
    in Bastion Comment by c4ph00k June 2019

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