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  • r00t! fun little box.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by c1cada January 2020
  • found an interesting t***p service, but still trying to figure out how to enumerate it, or if this is a rabbit hole?
  • Type your comment> @twypsy said: (Quote) Excellent point! "difficulty", "easy", "hard", etc are all relative terms and very much individualistic. Nobody should feel bad they are struggling to bust this "piece o…
  • R00ted!!! @clubby789 - Excellent job! Fun box. I hope these tips are ok and do not veer off into the spoiler realm. I tried to keep them as general as possible, and really these "tips" are just good advice any pentest 101 class will teach…
  • :) @clubby789 , I hate you (in a good way tho... lol). Great box! :)
  • Type your comment> @0byte said: (Quote) Thanks for your help! I just have very limited experience with windows machines. This one should be more comfortable. We shall see.
  • ~ 2.5 hours to go!!!
  • R00ted. Thank you @TRX for the very informative box!!!! Windows OS is not my thing (hence why I took on this box to learn more) ... Thank you to everyone for their help, provided words of advice, comments, etc... especially: @rholas @naveen1729 @t…
    in Control Comment by c1cada November 2019
  • Type your comment> @nirodha42 said: (Quote) Popping boxes while buzzed/wasted is just good fun. :)
  • 👍 Awesome! Looking forward to giving it a try! New HTB machine days are always good days.
  • Type your comment> @clubby789 said: (Quote) Can't wait!!!! After bashing my head against the control box (got user but still root eludes me), I am looking forward to getting back to familiar ground with *inux. General question / curious: How do…
  • Here. Here. As a CySA+ I'd love to be able to claim some credits....
  • Rooted! Once the port issues settled down it was a fun box! Thank you @jkr! Tips: Foothold: read other comments posted here, enumerate and you are in User: Ditto, read the manual, understand how things works and are set up this will point you to …
  • Type your comment> @minimal0 said: (Quote) Same Here
  • shit, I cannot even get the page to load so...
  • yeah, I have yet to get a webpage, from the start port 80 has been closed for me. I've tried the us and eu vip servers no joy... :(
  • but wouldn't this be less of an issue on vip boxes?
  • Well this sucks.
  • trying to brute ssh?
  • nope closed
  • bevis voice yeah... burn baby burn... yeah
  • Get Ready... 15 mins!!!
  • FINALLY! Owned R00T!!! Thanks @rholas @Xentropy, and @rbt for your comments and help! @MrR3boot - Re: "Could understand the pain. Remember No pAIn No gAIn. Honestly put lot of effort to make this one. Not sure how it received by the audience.…
    in AI Comment by c1cada November 2019
  • 12 hours and finally got root. R---s was pretty new to me and was quite the learning curve. Tips: Foothold: 0. READ and RE READ all the messages in this thread, there are a lot of useful nuggets. 1. KISS. Yes to get a foothold you will need to imp…
    in Postman Comment by c1cada November 2019
  • R000TT Hell ya! Good box!!! Good times!!!
  • Type your comment> @ad1337 said: > Rooted. What a piece of utter garbage. Damn. Why so much hate? Lol. I get @asker made a box with some annoying "walls" to climb, but in frustration comes education. When you distill this box dow…
    in Wall Comment by c1cada September 2019
  • Type your comment> @Skybreaker said: > It's totally worth it. this is my 2nd month as a VIP member, and I can tell you that it's great. No one bothers you, and its very rare that another guy is doing the same machine as you. You can also rese…
  • Type your comment> @Ketil said: > i do not understand the low rating, i had lots of fun with this box, pretty fast done everything taken into consideration. > > :) thanks @askar I 100% agree! This box was a lot of fun. It threw …
    in Wall Comment by c1cada September 2019
  • I popped the box. R00T baby!
    in Wall Comment by c1cada September 2019

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