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  • ~~Hey folks. Would appreciate a lil nudge. Currently working on Root. I think I know what I need to do, but I am unable to move the exploit (exe) onto the box. I can run the powershell version, but it errors out. I have tried numerous ways of getti…
    in Monteverde Comment by bodyrot April 11
  • Mouse51180 said: (Quote) Thanks for letting me know, maybe it has to do with me switching servers earlier in the day. EDIT: Haha, wow. Note to self. Take better notes and thoroughly read the help blurb for tools. Was using -ip flag for the ip inst…
    in Resolute Comment by bodyrot March 23
  • I can no longer connect to winrm. Took a couple weeks off the box so perhaps something was changed, or maybe something wrong on my end? I have the valid user/pw combo for the two users and previously had been using the evil tool to connect to the bo…
    in Resolute Comment by bodyrot March 23
  • I have obtained the keys needed for user but am prompted for a passphrase when I try to use them (not the passphrase we crack in the beginning -- i already used that to obtain said keys). I have read a lot of documentation on the matter but am still…

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