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  • I don't think OSCP is "bullshit" at all. Clearly the people who are looking for Penetration Testers don't think so either. The number of OSCP's out there shows that the system obviously works the way they do it...without any changes or fur…
  • I had fun getting to the end, but I DID NOT expect to find both flags at once on a 30pt box. I thought I was in for more pwnage.
    in Luke Comment by blackhood August 2019
  • I haven't commented on a box in a while, but this box was freaking DOPE! Shout out to @luminougat for helping me realize a stupid mistake I was making. It's easy to do that on this box. I almost felt like I was at work, except having a little bit mo…
    in Craft Comment by blackhood August 2019
  • I found a few services. Thing is, they seem to respond to manual probing better than "port scanning". I have no idea wtf is going on yet though, so don't mind me.
  • That probably means we're all overlooking something not too complicated. I don't know about you guys, but I'm great at overthinking this stuff sometimes. #HackerLife
  • Holy smokes. That...was...NICE! Felt like a realistic CTF. Perfect blend! Note: Box is a little wonky sometimes though. Don't hesitate to retry your exploits before moving on to something else.
  • Hello All, Captain Dipshit here with an important message. DON'T OVERTHINK THIS ONE!!! (20pts) Be mindful of where you are at all times.
    in Access Comment by blackhood October 2018
  • Finally got around to doing this one. Thanks for nudging me to find time today @n8. This was actually a pretty nice box. I had a long night of fun with this one. Best hints I can give: Don't overthink it! Don't assume stuff...check. People have alr…
  • (Quote) Yeah, he's right. You really do have to be capable, at least with Linux anyway. A better finale would've made this box epic. There's so many places that could've gone. lol
  • (Quote) hahahaha..."thousand line bash script" guy) stop watching my screen'd you see that? #BashBrothers
  • @x4nt0n start over from when you logged in as user. Then search the system carefully. Pay VERY close attention and assume NOTHING. That's the best advice I can give guys. I hope that answers all the people that inboxed me, lol. Those are way too man…
  • Don't assume. Don't forget who's trying to trick you. Try to keep him out of your mix. Use what you find, but don't assume you already know how to use it. Presume everything comes with a trick to it. The god of trickery would never give you anything…
  • This box was a trip. I need a glass of h20 after that priv esc workout.
    in Hawk Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • Asairo said it pretty well actually. At EVERY turn, think about how someone could make this (whatever) not how you think it is, but some crazy or stupid way. Hackers tend to overthink things. Remember not to assume!! Look at everything carefully.
  • Holy effing smokes batman!!! This damn box is one long F*xx around. OMG this was stupid and horrible and really fuxx up. I loved every freaking second of it! This box was epic!! Thanks @trickster0 !! That name definitely fits. You're a jerk, but I o…
    in Mischeif Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • HINT: Once you learn how to login, you start to assume some things. These assumptions will have you at a roadblock when you shouldn't be. There is mischief going on, remember? Things won't always be the way you think even if they once were. I hope t…
    in Mischeif Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • I'm in the same boat @Magavolt . It kinda sucks that many were able to get an easy 50 pts for this, but nobody even seems to know what the intended method was. It makes the box lose a lot when it comes to enjoyability. I'll keep at it until I get it…
    in Mischeif Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • Holy smokes batman, this box was a trip. I picked up a couple of nice new tricks though. I'm glad I finished it before retirement. Now that I'm awake from the nightmare, time to go to bed. lol @decoder and @stefano118 thanks for a really nice box!
    in Nightmare Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • This is inspiring. I love to see people coming together for a common purpose. In the spirit of that, I guess my team could use a few extra people. We're Poseidon6, feel free to reach out to me or im4x5yn74x. However, for the record, you guys don't …
  • @pykler All I meant was this was a bit of a hurdle for me, because I'm primarily a Linux guy. I don't know if me saying the language is a spoiler. It shouldn't be, but I'd rather not chance it. I'll just say, learn your way around the windows comman…
    in Reel Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • Ok...THIS was top notch. Thanks @eks and @rjesh. I needed to know this! lol
    in Dropzone Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • This box turned out to be pretty damn nice. I didn't realize how deficient I was in the language most prominently used on this one. I learned a few things, and learned how to learn much more. Kudos to @egre55 . Well done my friend, well done.
    in Reel Comment by blackhood July 2018
  • I always tell people, "The best tool a hacker can ever have is patience". This box proves that. It was dumb crazy. Made me feel like I was back in the labs for a second. Very well done @3mrgnc3 and ihack4falafel (must not be on forums). I …
  • Yeah buddy...this is NICE!!
  • I can't believe there is no badge for this machine. Seemed like it should've had one with all you have to do to beat it. lol
    in Falafel Comment by blackhood June 2018
  • Holy smokes this box was crazy. I can't wait to see what ipp does with it. I learned a lot and changed the way I look at some things. Hat officially tipped to @dm0n and @Stylish . Great job guys.
    in Falafel Comment by blackhood June 2018
  • Remix: Ok, it's actually better without the private/incog window. That way you can delete the site data when you need to without sometimes needing to reopen the window.
    in Bounty Comment by blackhood June 2018
  • Guys I strongly recommend doing this box in a private (FF) or incognito (Chrome) window and be sure to delete all site data (cookie, cache, offline data, etc.). Once I figured this out (with the help of @im4x5yn74x), I didn't have to keep resetting …
    in Bounty Comment by blackhood June 2018
  • TIP - If you are still struggling to get the initial foothold, remember this life-lesson: Always choose your words carefully. Sometimes when dealing with people it's not just what you say, but how you say it. So be sensitive to what goes on around …
  • This is a nice one Cow. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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