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  • I guess this doesn't make sense anymore, since they implemented flag rotation.
  • Hello. I found some interesting files, some hashes, two passwords for the same user and a "user flag". If anyone is stuck in about the same place and is willing to brainstorm please dm. I'm also on discord
    in Dyplesher Comment by bianca May 24
  • does anyone know if S**F using me*****ed is a rabbit hole? if anyone else is stuck at this and wants to brainstorm feel free to dm me
    in Travel Comment by bianca May 17
  • (Quote) Basically that's it. But the name of the challenge narrows down a little which wordlists are possible candidates. At least that's how I saw it.
    in Fuzzy [Web] Comment by bianca July 2019
  • (Quote) I was getting that. It worked once I used another version of the responder. The problem may be at your side, not the machine's.
    in Sizzle Comment by bianca January 2019
  • @0xEA31, do we need to brute force to get the right configs? I mean specifically the s****t, in order to get the params the server is expecting. I ask because I tried all the obvious ones and I keep getting the same response.
    in Conceal Comment by bianca January 2019
  • IDK... Even people that already got it seem to have taken many hours... I doubt that no one that tried don't have experience with this particular service... I wonder if it's a rabbit hole...
    in Conceal Comment by bianca January 2019
  • For those still in trouble with port scanning I would recommend you read @23Y4D try using the service you found for enumeration (I'm assuming you found the right service for this) If a…
    in Conceal Comment by bianca January 2019
  • That's a challenge. I've done it a long time ago, but I'm guessing the flag is whatever you found when you cracked the challenge file. The format must be HTB{whatever you found}.
  • There is no limit for resets on the VIP servers, but the free server has a limit of resets per machine per day. The limit depends on your current rank, increasing with higher ranks. You can see the amount of resets you still have for each machine by…
  • (Quote) Try to enumerate more the service you're trying to log in to, see if you can find the information you need elsewhere. It will be quite clear.
    in Carrier Comment by bianca November 2018
  • (Quote) Also stuck in the container... Any hints on how to get out?
  • I'm no expert, but I would seriously recommend that you have an windows machine for those. You'll have more powerful tools such as IDA and ILSpy (for .NET), and you'll be able execute the program in debug mode, saving a considerable amount of time o…
  • Nvm, got it
    in NODE Comment by bianca February 2018
  • (Quote) I'm stuck in the same place... I already analysed all possible API calls and couldn't figure out what to do next. Is it something about the framework used?
    in NODE Comment by bianca February 2018
  • (Quote) Thanks! That did the trick :)
  • I think I found the parameter that may trigger the vulnerability. Can someone PM me so I can know if I'm exploring the right one?
  • My session keeps getting killed with error message Died from Errno::ECONNRESET before I can do anything. Is that because someone else is on the machine? I tried several payloads already. This one's the only one that opened a session.
  • (Quote) I'm obviously missing a point here... I got root on the machine and found the weird looking root.txt. I found the other machine connected to it and the unsafe service running on it. I'm connected and enumeration of files isn't taking me anyw…
  • (Quote) If I understood which file you're talking about you're probably using the wrong wordlist. With the right one you'll get it in less than 5 minutes. Try other default wordlists from kali.
    in AX Jeeves Comment by bianca January 2018
  • nvm, got it
    in AX Jeeves Comment by bianca January 2018
  • (Quote) I found this file, too (hm.txt: The flag is elsewhere. Look deeper.)... I tried resetting the machine and it is still there. I already tried dir with all possible options. All that I could list was this hm.txt, a .lnk file and desktop.ini.…
    in AX Jeeves Comment by bianca January 2018
  • OMG, this is embarrassing... It was so obvious! I finally found out what to do with that file. Now I'm logged as system and looking for the flag file.
  • Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

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