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  • In case someone else has the problem that the ./ does not work out of the box. Try to modify Dockerfile to use "FROM alpine:latest" instead of "FROM alpine:edge".
  • Besides some note I didn't find anything either. Some hints would be appreciated. :)
    in ForwardSlash Comment by bergi April 2020
  • I have a suspicion, but gadgets are sparse :/
  • I could need some help for root. I don't notice anything unusual, what should I be looking for?
    in Book Comment by bergi March 2020
  • ~I just got stuck there as well, have you found anything?~ Solved it, its just rudimentary encryption.
  • Can someone give me a nudge, I got the user flag, but now I'm stuck and I can't find anything useful on the file system.
    in Resolute Comment by bergi December 2019
  • Can anyone please dm me a decent TTS tool?
    in AI Comment by bergi November 2019
  • I am stuck at w**-d***, I already did enumeration and tried some exploits. Some people mentioned that it should immediately catch ones eye what to exploit. Can someone give me a nudge?
    in Wall Comment by bergi October 2019
  • @Seepckoa said: (Quote) I already tried but didn't find anything, because I am not really sure what I am even looking for. :/
    in Heist Comment by bergi August 2019
  • I'm stuck at root, I tried to get the password from the k**4.d*. Can someone give me a nudge or dm me some hints?
    in Heist Comment by bergi August 2019
  • For Root: I have a k**4.d* file but its locked. Am I on the right track?
    in Heist Comment by bergi August 2019
  • I have one account with wich I can login on the two services now. Do I need more credentials to continue?
    in Heist Comment by bergi August 2019

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