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  • got it! thanks @BLAMO last piece i wasn't getting. It makes sense now. anyone need a hand hit me up.
  • I could use a nudge. I can get "Hurry up and try..." but when i try on the instance i get nothing. I see the parameters required. I tried putting them in right behind my address.... lets say param1 = A, param2 = B JUNK+A+B+ADDRESS JUNK…
  • @TazWake (Quote) @LMAY75 Yea I tried my damnedest to not ask for help, but i had to ask taz too. makes me laugh when i imagine the day he must have on here, like a drill instructor walking through a field of shananagans: "Code with two hand…
  • ok i'm wasting too much time and not learning anymore...need a push. I can list dirs, read files, but I cannot figure out how to get RCE so I can do what I need to do with the user who should not be able to login. I've tried every method I could f…
  • found creds! so far i haven't needed a lifeboat. maybe this time i'll get through a 'hard' box without help? we will see... fun though
  • (Quote) @TazWake either i'm not looking in the right spot, or i don't know enough about networking to realize what's missing. I don't see it. The subnet i'm seeing is outside of what i can talk to as far as i know.
  • Hit a wall. I got to the client, viewed all the things. found some internal listings but no idea what to do next. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  • I'm having trouble with a foothold. i got what i wanted on the machine, got it to say hello, then it says goodbye after a few seconds...bad kitty.
  • suddenly back to normal? wierd. i probably did something screwy
  • have a username and password that worked this morning, now not so much. someone changing passwords on us?
  • i found something interesting, started digging but im out of time. user blood gone. congrats it was fun.
  • man, this one's so hard, I can't even nmap it. must be built by ninjas! first blood attempt. don't think i'm there yet but the excitement of going after it will be fun i'm sure. good luck everyone
  • Type your comment> @BINtendo said: (Quote) I got the file to run the converted way, but getting 'machine actively refused connection'. this is weird, like i don't have a listener on. checked netstat, no process is also on the same port, my foo…
  • i'm doing something wrong....tried 3 different POC for the root portion, tried both forwarding and converting. i'm ready to rip my hair out. i didn't try a reset yet...i'd rather avoid doing that to people but i may have to.
  • Type your comment> @6uta said: (Quote) hey @6uta im curious did you or anyone have trouble with the box hanging on commands? if so what vpn were you on, free?, us vip, eu vip? thanks. congrats on the pwnage!
  • Rooted! the beginning was the worst as everyone said. My L** method was working, producing results but not what i was looking for. Thanks to @Nlytn for the push towards the correct directory. Foothold: -either lookup the package and try what you…
  • my first 'Hard' machine! was a little rough but not as bad as I thought it would be. Hit me up if anyone needs help.
  • Type your comment> @ikasitov said: (Quote) Always happy to help. I also need help at times and it solidify the new tricks learned Plus, anyone ever crunch numbers; world population to users on this site. Then users on this site to number of b…
    in Cascade Comment by b3nd0 June 2020
  • root'em up just root'em up what. shells, shells, shells. plunder, plunder, plunder. Haha this was as fun as the last one from @VbScrub. Great Job on the box. You always give us threads to pull on, rabbit hole or not so much fun. Valuable infor…
    in Cascade Comment by b3nd0 June 2020
  • I love this site. worth every penny. I haven't checked this out yet since i'm stuck at home for the moment --no need. i definitively will when regular life returns. someone mentioned lunch breaks...yea hack breaks now :)
    in HTB PwnBox Comment by b3nd0 June 2020
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: > @BINtendo said: > > (Quote) > If you are looking at the right login place, look for a way you dont need credentials. Ok so i'm pretty sure i'm on the right track. like i said, i can success…
    in Admirer Comment by b3nd0 May 2020
  • Could use a nudge. Found login, creds don't work. Used technique to grab files, with success but useless files. Am I on the right track? A little too vague? Don't want to spoil.
    in Admirer Comment by b3nd0 May 2020
  • Stuck on root. found s******, looked at what it's doing, failed to exploit. I've done something similar in the past, but none of the tricks i learned or searched are working. Could use a nudge. Thanks
    in Magic Comment by b3nd0 May 2020
  • Anyone get a PR_End_of_file_error? I tried a bunch of variations...could someone pm me please? Not sure if I'm using the tunnel wrong or if there is a separate issue. Thank you
    in ServMon Comment by b3nd0 May 2020
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) you're right. i finally got it today. thank you .... every person on htb. i hit up everyone, mainly because i needed so much help i didn't want to annoy one person too much so i moved on to someone el…
    in Book Comment by b3nd0 March 2020
  • anyone able to help out with root? I've been at it for days. found the exploit, can trigger it manually but no shell back. i've read several articles about different scenarios, and uses, asked multiple people for help. I did get responses back b…
    in Book Comment by b3nd0 March 2020
  • hell yea! Directory of C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop12/04/2019 05:18 AM <DIR> .12/04/2019 05:18 AM <DIR> ..12/03/2019 07:32 AM 32 root.txt 1 File(s) 32 bytes …
    in Resolute Comment by b3nd0 February 2020
  • Anyone on willing to help with root? I have the second user. From the forum, it sounds like D** inj is the way forward. I have 0 exp with this. Studying now, but could use some guidance if you're willing. thank you.
    in Resolute Comment by b3nd0 February 2020
  • Droppin' shellz on 'em! Live that nerd life. Fly the flag. Droppin' shellz on 'em! Listen to me newbie, don't laugh. Find the path mother-mother, get the hash mother-mother. what lovely sight: Directory of c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop01/23/2…
    in Sauna Comment by b3nd0 February 2020
  • I found it! this is so ridiculous....my rockyou.txt file was overwritten with something like: "svc-******* SABatchJobs%SABatchjobs ......." i feel like a dummy. but happy i found the cuase.

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