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  • Type your comment> @mab said: (Quote) Many Thanks Mab for your support! Is there another way for rooting other than the one described here? I found it CTF like, how the first one linked the monitoring processes and the trigger !
    in Writeup Comment by azasdf74M June 2019
  • Type your comment> @Nofix said: (Quote) I used also MSF exploit for port 3632, later I used nmap --interactive
  • Type your comment> @walksthewires said: > Stranded at the end of the tunnel, with a login screen to the admin panel. > > So far so good, also found a couple other interesting files and directories. So, can you find some credentials…
  • Type your comment> @gregX01 said: (Quote) * one POST params could be exploitable for OS commands * By using 1st hint, you could download two .pem files * combine them to generate .pfx file (Convert a PEM Certificate to PFX format) * use hint3, t…
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  • I did it without getting root access or displaying /root/root.txt file ! it's done without moving out from the user home directory. is that normal ! azasdf74M owned root Curling [+20 ]
    in Curling Comment by azasdf74M March 2019
  • Type your comment> @c4m said: (Quote) how to manage files under cms?
    in Curling Comment by azasdf74M March 2019
  • User: using HxxxDxxxZ application vuln, you can get user access. For the exploit, the path should be the path to upload folder and not to HxxxDxxxZ's root folder as mentionned in the exploit expolit is independ with your TimeZone as it use timestam…

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