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  • @Z0d said: (Quote) I think you are headed for the wrong 'hash' since you are referring to a "user hash". By the way, I would recommend using the "Jumbo" (a.k.a community-driven) version of JTR for any conversion and cracking pro…
    in Chainsaw Comment by artikrh October 2019
  • @rowra said: (Quote) Something changes everytime the box is reset. I think you're missing that bit.
  • Thanks for the positive feedback -- glad you guys enjoyed this one. In case you want to read my write-up on it, then see the following PDF document (password protected with the HTB flag):…
  • For PDF: I made a Python script which uses PyPDF2 library: Example usage: $ python -d file.pdf -w /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt
  • (Quote) On the contrary -- no rule is bent technically.
    in Chainsaw Comment by artikrh June 2019
  • God bless :wink:
  • (Quote) I think this is misleading a bit, it's rather a representation of specific character encoding scheme until the output makes sense after doing the obvious transformation, and taking into consideration the challenge name. "Missing bits&qu…
  • (Quote) Obviously -- one should be careful when engaging with a target, there is no 'reset' button IRL.
    in Chainsaw Comment by artikrh June 2019
  • Since I am getting quite some PMs regarding this challenge, you can solve it in less than 2 minutes by using some very basic tools or cmd pipe combinations, and taking a quick skim through output -- you don't even need Wireshark.
  • I appreciate the work put into this box, and while the last vector of attack for (last) root was awesome, the path to reach that point was excessive in my opinion.
    in Ghoul Comment by artikrh May 2019
  • (Quote) And we thought it was reddish-like. Nice box for privesc nevertheless (Quote) Sanitize it a bit (check the text for some characters that should not be there).
  • (Quote) There was a previous box which had the exact same technique to get root. Ippsec made a nice and informative video about that, I suggest you take a look.
    in Mischeif Comment by artikrh July 2018
  • (Quote) Are you using the same encoding technique when encrypting?
  • (Quote) Is a audo analyzer software neccessary (I don't have much knowledge on the audio format, but had no luck with results)?
  • So I was wrong, solved something that looked like the correct flag but it was something else (same easy technique)

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