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  • This was a really fun box and a great learning experience. Kudos to @MrR3boot. Obligatory hints. User: very thorough enumeration is the key, knowing a bit of CS theory (and applying it in terms of code) really helps cutting down the time needed. R…
  • Aaaand rooted! Couple of hints below. User: there's more than one way to get a shell, one of them is probably unintended and way more easy than the one everybody and their neighbor is trying. Root: enumerate, you'll see something really strange ri…
  • @bluealder said: (Quote) Depends on how "local" your r****c server is :)
  • The 'wall' is giving me a really hard time trying to go around it. Executing the exploit by hand leads to a nice error in the UI and using other things in the UI unrelated to p*****s lead to nowhere except getting WARNING or CRITICAL yelled back at …
  • @Tohzzicklao said: (Quote) Interesting, I didn't notice an easier way than the (apparently) intended one - unless the way I rooted it was unintended and there's something even easier.
  • Great box, even though I wouldn't rate it as hard. User: if you look hard enough you'll notice you already have everything you need, don't waste your CPU cycles and don't hammer too much the poor box. Root: enumerate and don't try to think outside…
  • I have mixed feelings about the rating of this box: on one hand, it's easy if you have experience with AD, but if you don't (like me)... boy, you're in for a ride :) Overall a great learning experience, but there's a specific (deliberate?) issue wh…

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