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  • When I do the thing I need to do with my terminal, the `l***` binary is not invoked! I tried 'making my own binaries' which also didn't work. Tried asking a few fellas already but I can't seem to work it out! Could anyone pm me with a nudge? Is this…
    in Traverxec Comment by arkountos April 6
  • About the c**l thing As said in previous comments, in order to c**l a file, that file has to be served somewhere. And wouldn't that need a server? Well maybe you can find where it is being served by digging around?
    in OpenAdmin Comment by arkountos March 31
  • On getting root Can someone explain if it is normal to get a password prompt when excecuting s**o commands as a user that has the N******D flag set on said commands? A pm would be appreciated, thanks!
    in OpenAdmin Comment by arkountos March 30
  • I got it by researching about email anti-phising methods. Then using the tools mentioned here it wasn't that hard after all!
  • Could someone nudge me over where to upload/how to get the reverse shell? Thanks, PM me!
  • This is a great challenge for any noobs here, as it can be solved following the hints in this thread while learning about a lot of different services and programs affiliated with Windows machines
    in Netmon Comment by arkountos April 2019
  • I'm stuck there as well, I guess we are not encoding correctly (?). Will try some more stuff and get back here if I find anything useful to share @MrWick Get to know your tool better
  • I have been searching all day today, recently came across something called URL-Encoding. Is this relevant to the problem? I, as most of the folks here I guess, am on the stage of having retrieved and decrypted the cookie but not being able to acces…
  • Hey @SudoGetMe I seem to be having problems with the hydra syntax as well, pm me if you get the chance :)
    in Lernaean Comment by arkountos July 2018

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