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  • Could anyone help with a foothold for DANTE-WS02 . There is no path I could use to get in with the discovered services . Is there another way in ? from different machine , like maybe from ws01? . Appreciate any help
  • Type your comment> @ar2r777 said: (Quote) nevermind , done it
  • Hi could anyone restart DANTE-WS01? yesterday I was able to connect to it as user ge....d but this nothing's working ?
  • Type your comment> @A1eks said: (Quote) pm I'll try to help
  • Type your comment> @ar2r777 said: (Quote) ok this one is sorted
  • Hey, anyone can help with an initial foothold on nix2 ? already got m...... flag , but can't get in. looks like known lfi to shell methods ,wont work as there is no access to self/environ nor auth.log files.
  • Type your comment> @0xjb said: (Quote) I also found it vuln to this "colour" but can't catch the shell via proxy :/
  • hey guys, qq regarding DANTE-NIX03 , do I have to use jtr on this machine? I got root shell and found a file which might give some creds if cracked. Asking as working on my laptop it would take ages to crack it. If Anyone is able to help I will dm…
  • Hi, Having problem with jenkins. Dirb did not find anything, password spray did not find any creds. Is it something else I'm missing ? Unless my dictionary lists are rubbish

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