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  • Rooted. I learnt a lot, thanks to the creator of the machine. User: automatic enumeration and brute force are enough to get the credentials. User2: enumerate what you cannot see. Root: check privileges, google and create your payload. Msfvenom is…
    in Resolute Comment by antz May 13
  • Rooted. It was not really difficult but I learnt few things during the process. Initial foothold: standard dictionaries will not work, visit that web shells website and try. User: check permissions you have and google that program. Root: use an a…
    in Traceback Comment by antz May 2
  • Good box for newbies like me. I learnt a lot. Initial foothold: knowing the web, search for an exploit. User1: enumerate to know which files you have access to. Then analyse them to reach the most interesting one with a password. User2: enumerate…
    in OpenAdmin Comment by antz April 22
  • Type your comment> @farbs said: (Quote) I used Google but forgetting I should try harder with Google Images. Your hint was really helpful. After that, it was easy-peasy.
    in Templed Comment by antz April 18
  • Solved. At first I was using cat and I could not see the whole message. It took me more time than expected. PM if you need some nudges.
    in Bank Heist Comment by antz April 18

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