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  • Took me about 6 weeks to reach elite hacker rank here by doing only easy, medium and the easiest of hard linux boxes. Did some challenges here and there whenever i was missing 1-4% to reach the next rank. Several times i had to ask for pointers and …
  • Having to race multiple people trying to do the same thing for accessing the admin page is neither a learning nor a pleasurable experience. More like an exercise in futility.
    in Book Comment by angar March 3
  • ^ means the 'Control' key on your keyboard ;P
    in OpenAdmin Comment by angar February 27
  • Generally and with a very few exceptions, the oldest machines will retire first. I am not sure if there was/is a filter for "release date" but since i cant find it right now i would say look at how many people have owned a box. More owns …
  • Assume that: -You have an active ssh connection to your target -You also uploaded some files to the /tmp folder. -Made some changes to a config file somewhere. When the machine is reset, you loose everything.Your connection, your uploaded files and …
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  • A great box jkr, thank you! As i am always having my terminal at about 1/4th of my screen i didnt experience the reason for which everyone said to not have maximized terminal. If any1 could explain why it happens in a dm i would really appreciate i…
    in Traverxec Comment by angar November 2019
  • sudo -l then i run the scripts mentioned by dachef pay attention to suid files check the weird ones on gtfobins pspy to see what crons run and get a general idea if there is a way to root from there. Generally from what i have seen so far the…
  • GitHub > msf slave is not the way if it is slaved and you cant write, try slaveof no one
    in Postman Comment by angar November 2019
  • that was a great box thank you @MrR3boot!
    in Player Comment by angar October 2019
  • You dont need to crack the user.txt. This is the goal, just paste it to the site
    in Networked Comment by angar October 2019
  • Assuming that you are also new to linux you could casually read (and reference whenever you need): -The Linux Command Line A Complete Introduction by William Shotts and -How Linux Works What Every Superuser Should Know by Brian Ward -g0tmi1k's blog…

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