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  • Guys would really appreciate help with syntax on S***** i*********. get ok but no data.
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) awesome, will try... Trying to find some user details, no luck so far...
  • (Quote) no worries, thanks for the help... now to check some files.... think i got a password for DB :-)
  • Type your comment> @gu4r15m0 said: (Quote) im going to blame the box, seems to work now....
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) hey thanks for this... thats wasnt the question, i can get to the page, i just typed it with x.x.x.x just in case its a spoiler.
  • hi guys, managed to run the .sh version of the initial foothold script, I seem to get a simple shell, but not able to run ls or cat ./ http://x.x.x.x/xxx $ ls $ $ ls $ ls $ anyone else having this issue?
  • (Quote)
  • Hi Guys, just another noob here trying to learn the ways !!!! struggling at the first hurdle. cant manage to fuzz this mother!!! tried ffuf , wfuzz (throws pycurl error 52), dirbuster... what am I doing wrong??? please show me the way... Thanks Got…
  • Hi Guys... Been trying this box for a few days, still stuck on trying to get user... Basically i found a way in, Am able to run some commands, but cant think of a way to get shell... can anyone help? thanks
  • hi guys, wondering if anyone can help... I've got user and am logged in to victim... am using Evil... just not sure what to do next. do I need to run a specific .ps1???
  • Type your comment> @crankyyash said: (Quote) will do thaks, posted here by mistake :-)
  • Type your comment> @Franna said: > (Quote) > keep trying, maybe when there are other people not trying.. I will keep on trying... Thanks 😁👍
  • Type your comment> @ananb said: (Quote) I wouldnt mind some help... Noob trying first pop :-)... got as far as figuring out that R***s is possibly the way in ... got some sort of connection to it, but stuck
  • managed to find some ports, now looking at exploits... I think I'm on the right track looking at R***s and W****n exploits, and I in the right track? maybe need some advice getting stuck on exploit

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