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  • got hash and password from it. just not sure what next? :)
  • nothing, well I have nothing, just wanted to be fist to post :)
  • giving up for tonight too flaky for me. good luck everyone.
  • I had to reset. didn't want to do it, but it worked
  • (Quote) anyone seeing that port open yet?
  • Type your comment> @Caracal said: (Quote) Filter: OMG have openbsd not ticked, wasn't me. weird..
  • (Quote) um ban, maybe, but it's been ages!!!
  • Type your comment> @Caracal said: (Quote) nope filter is all active, not on the list! it is on NEW UI though!
  • is it just me, why not showing up on machines list?
  • port XX is dead!!!!!!!!!
  • completely unresponsive!
  • jeez a lot of posts on this box so no apologies for not reading them all. I am trying to workout PL to upload as low user to export as higher user. think I have gone down a few rabbit holes here, can anyone PM me so I can say what it is I am tryin…
    in Book Comment by adyd May 4
  • I need a little help with root please. had lots of ideas. but none have worked. PM me please I will share what I have tried All Good!
    in Admirer Comment by adyd May 3
  • from DL files I see it's not really helpful, but cannot see or fing it from . please PM me if you know my problem
    in Admirer Comment by adyd May 2
  • apart from DL filess, where the fuck is d?_????.???
    in Admirer Comment by adyd May 2
  • OK feel like an idiot reading back over the posts. so without spoilers, I have 17 aka 4 hashes. thought I knew the format as hash-id said so, but trying to crack passwds nothing matches. tried online, wrote a python script comparing with hash(ry)…
    in Multimaster Comment by adyd April 30
  • Spoiler, really? - my bad.
    in AI Comment by adyd December 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
    in AI Comment by adyd December 2019
  • Early days so not asking much in way of help. Just need to know if brute forcing is way or am I missing something? xD
    in Kryptos Comment by adyd April 2019
  • PLS PPL, read all previous comments before posting! : this box is IMHO 25 pointer(yep 5 extra!!): use what you get for initial ENUM, keep going, read up on possible VULNS. play around with those!!
    in Netmon Comment by adyd March 2019
  • Type your comment> @jar03j said: (Quote) mate. look deeper!
    in Netmon Comment by adyd March 2019
  • well.............
    in Netmon Comment by adyd March 2019
  • OK maybe I feel a little bad after those posts: Where else would you expect a NOOB to start other than a 20 point box! but you would also hope that those NOOBS would look at forum like I do when I am stuck, so if you are such a NOOB or a complete …
    in Netmon Comment by adyd March 2019
  • I asked for help a few times on this box, didn't need it. It was all down to PPL resetting PWD or reverting box. so to help (as I like to): initial foothold is mega simple (no help there), that'll get you user flag. next step keep enumerating, w…
    in Netmon Comment by adyd March 2019
  • I just have to post something. OK. I kinda get why PPL are resetting PWD or reverting box. Can I just say think about it before you revert, yes if you did the most obvious way to get flag it's probably the best/only option. but for all those rese…
    in Netmon Comment by adyd March 2019
  • omg, put myself out there, but message to all you other HTB member - we are here to help! no not for idiots who cannot be bothered though! so if it's a 50 point box and you are a noob think again!!!!!
  • I see why some people dont offer up help willingly as we can all see some other people just dont bother. this is not one of those boxes where you need to know what dirbuster list for example. we have seen those, they are normally so other problem!…
  • so please post questions if you have then, things you dont know. anyone with experience can help on PM.
  • Heh maybe should start another thread but questioning whole point of doing htb. For me it's a continuing learning exercise. love it to bits! The Forums on here are so much more informative than OSCP, been there done that, got the T shirt! This is n…
  • hiya. so had a little wobble on getting root. frigging knew what to do from first thought, but went off in some different direction. So ANYONE, feel free for some hints on first steps, it is only 20 point box and there's more than one way to skin…

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