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  • I'm a bit confused of how to set up the attack for initial access. I know that there is a simulated user that "interacts" with what is passed into the c****** page. I can create a profile for myself on both the normal application and the …
    in Oouch Comment by adnanthekhan June 2020
  • Would appreciate a nudge towards initial foothold. I have a list of users which I put together manually via enumeration of the app, and I am able to confirm that they are valid users, but can't seem to get beyond that. I noticed that r******* allow…
  • Rooted. Like many others have said, the first step is tricky, but once you get beyond that it really is: * Find something with very simple enumeration * Google which tool or script can be used for that something you found * Run the tool or script *…
  • Rooted. My first hard difficulty Windows box and I learned a lot along the way. The tools and techniques used up until getting a shell have been used in other (medium at least) Windows boxes, but User3->Root privesc required increasing my knowle…
  • Have user1 but I just seem to be spinning my wheels with further enumeration. I am using rc***** from Kali and e4l but am not seeing anything actionable. Is there another tool I should look at using? Is there a way to see "what my powers are&qu…
  • Is the X** API a rabbit hole? I'm trying to send the GET using the access path that we can "re-enable", but having trouble figuring out how to get it to respond to me.
  • Really lost with the initial enum. I'm using Kali as my enumeration platform, and have run all the usual enumeration tools. Only have the list of users for the domain and then a fwe of the local users that the scripts reveal. Shares seem to be inacc…
  • Running with Qemu userland is getting a segfault upon providing any input to the application. Is this part of the challenge or related to my emulation environment? Want to make sure my environment is set up before diving into the madness that will b…
    in Poly Comment by adnanthekhan May 2020

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