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  • Nope I was able to get it, thanks @sh13ld
  • This box is very annoying. I am stuck on the OTP, I have to token, I have changed my time several times but yet it doesn't take my information. I have the correct username also to my knowledge.
  • Type your comment> @GibParadox said: (Quote) I was able to get it, but you have to just keep playing with the settings until it just works haha. Couldn't figure out a way to get the settings just by looking at it.
  • Type your comment> @1NC39T10N said: (Quote) Do you know why gobuster doesn't work? I found out I could use dirsearch.py also. Also anyone able to help me with some type of resource for the n**.j page? Can't find anything.
    in Luke Comment by ZerkerEOD May 2019
  • Type your comment> @shifty0g said: (Quote) I am still waiting for the selfhosted version also. They are also in the works to get a shared encounter going also for a team type attack. They will hopefully soon be everything that I need. I just wis…
  • Type your comment> @zauxzaux said: (Quote) Thanks, I think its a mixture of everything. My internet out here sucks so its hard to figure it out lol. 3g Internet FTW lol jk
    in Ellingson Comment by ZerkerEOD May 2019
  • Is the fail2ban thing when enumerating the domain with gobuster or dirsearch? Or am I just having issues with my VPN or other stuff?
    in Ellingson Comment by ZerkerEOD May 2019
  • So, Since putting down that I am willing to answer peoples questions, I have had over 100+ messages and there seems to be a general theme. The o**-u****d.p*p My advise is to read everything understand what is happening, why it is happening, and pote…
  • Alright, I have ran several port scans with nmap and masscan. The only two ports I get are 80 and 443. When I navigate to either I either get an error or a single .. Any help would be appreciated. Tried running go buster on both and got nada also.
    in Unattended Comment by ZerkerEOD May 2019
  • I was finally able to get root with the help of @dividebyzer0, Send me a PM if you have any questions!
  • Any one able to PM me for some help on finding the creds. I have not been able to get anything with enumeration. I have ran every wordlist I have, and still nothing useful. I have gone several directories in also and still no luck.
    in Chaos Comment by ZerkerEOD May 2019
  • Type your comment> @PavelKCZ said: (Quote) I didn't check to see if I had more than one tun interface but I did reset my machine. I walked away a couple times and came back fresh throughout the day.
  • This box is so slow right now. I am on VIP, I have changed servers twice. I can't even get to the webpage. It starts to load then times out. So I can't do anything anymore. Anyone else having the same issues? edit: I have also reset the box on my c…
  • Type your comment> @veepn said: (Quote) The box gives you some creds.
  • Okay so my webpage will not load and I have found it for the most part, added the s.D****** to my h**** file. But I just keep getting issues with s verification. Can someone give me a hint as to why this is happening, or what I can do to fix this?
  • Can someone please send me some help. I have Turgen but nothing I do seems to work. I get it to output pulses, but does not output anything binary for me to look at.
  • So I need some help, I have all the s** d****** by using d**. I change the h**** file but it doesn't work. I am not great with networking stuff. Could someone PM to help out.
  • Type your comment> @MAK said: (Quote) Thanks because HTB says its HTB{plaintext} making me think lowercase.
  • Anyone get DBeaver to work?
    in Querier Comment by ZerkerEOD March 2019
  • Someone able to PM me on what they did with the file from S##. I have tried a couple different things and I am racking my brain on what else I can do to get any useful information out of it.
    in Querier Comment by ZerkerEOD March 2019
  • Can someone PM me for hints? I have figured out the time, and I set my system time to it so that I don't have to alter the script that I found, but when I run the script it just hangs, and I think that I am having issues uploading my shell.
  • > @Broken8 said: > I'm sitting here waiting for John the Ripper to finish decrypting the root shadow password thinking [email protected] these guys got the root.txt key really quick based upon root time. > > Put about 3 seconds into that though…
    in Irked Comment by ZerkerEOD January 2019
  • Can someone PM with some help. I feel like I was on the right track but I cannot find the serieal number I have enumerated a couple ports that I have found with built in nmap scans and haven't been able to find anything worth while either.
  • (Quote) Just to let you know this box is crazy depening on the server you are on. I and on a fresh reboot and my comand doesnt work, but someone else on a fresh reboot is copies my command and it works for them. So, it maybe harder depending on the …
    in Access Comment by ZerkerEOD January 2019
  • > @g0hl said: > Having issues with a constant reset of a certain service.... am I on the right track? Is the box having issues? TY You're kinda on the right track. Not sure about the service but maybe the files.
    in Irked Comment by ZerkerEOD January 2019
  • (Quote) you need to look harder at enumerating for your f**
    in Access Comment by ZerkerEOD January 2019
  • I need some help on this box. I reset it thinking that some one changed some settings but I am still stuck not being able to connect. If you are willing to help send me a PM and ill tell you what I have so far.
    in Access Comment by ZerkerEOD January 2019
  • Anyone that was able to get a root shell able to message me? With help I was able to get the root.txt, but I would like to learn how others are getting a root shell on the box to add to my knowledge.
  • There is no delay. I paid for VIP and got added instantly. i believe the ovpn is setup for a specific server when you do the refresh so if you change the server through the file it most likely won't allow you to connect. Not talking about the Changi…
  • Explain further? I have only done the Crypto and some Misc challenges and each of those you download to find the flag. Which challenges are you talking about?
    in Rules Comment by ZerkerEOD January 2019

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