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  • Very nice challenge, interesting use of tools and technology. :) Thanks for the tips!
  • There must be a way where the output can be translated to letters
  • Awesome box! [[email protected] ~]# id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
  • Thanks for the challenge. Really enjoyed it!
  • @r0mka If you have 2.1.3 you pretty much don't need to do any modifications. It's a matter of pointing to the correct file(s) within the application's commands. If you use the correct commands then you will have the necessary information.
  • @r0mka I think it's better you install another version. I also had problems too.
  • Finally did this lol... what a mission :-)
  • Type your comment> @pingpong said: (Quote) Good job ;-)
  • @limbernie said: > Boostnote. I like it because of Markdown. This looks very interesting. Going to check it out, thanks!
  • Hey, I am getting quite a few PMs about this challenge which is good but to benefit others taking the challenge please keep any questions within this thread. Small hint: how can one check an MX domain?
  • Type your comment> @foxieon said: (Quote) If I tell you the Chef won't be happy with me...
  • > @TheGrayMan said: > How do you know what to do? Are there articles available for example? No; there are online tools that can help you. PM me and I'll tell you.
  • Very interesting challenge. If you know what to do it doesn't take a long time. :)
  • Just confirmed that this is still working. It's most likely the method you guys are using.
  • @L4mpje Thank you for making an awesome box, very realistic but also friendly for new starters. I really enjoyed this and learnt quite a lot. (My favourite box so far) User: is fairly easy as long as you can find a large file and somehow read it's …
    in Bastion Comment by Wolfstorm July 2019
  • Eventually got the machine's root. It was a headache but very interesting. Learnt quite a few things along the way. :)
    in Haystack Comment by Wolfstorm July 2019
  • Thank you for the challenge. Very interesting and different.
    in August Comment by Wolfstorm July 2019
  • Solved. Have actually encountered the encoding before, just the one time :)
  • The last bit of encoding is very strange. I don't think I have encountered it before. I have decoded up to the last B64 but I am kind of stomped on the last bit.
  • @YanTayga said: (Quote) You mean you don't know what tool that is :open_mouth:
  • Very cool challenge. Indeed a very versatile and classic tool helped.
  • This was quite interesting. Props to the creator very well done. Learnt a few things from this. The last bit stumped me but HTB has a great community!
  • What a Box! I firstly want to thank @GibParadox for his patience and help, and then I want to say I have most definitely learnt a lot from this. This being my first Box. Please contact me if you need assistance. :)
    in Luke Comment by Wolfstorm July 2019
  • Got the flag eventually thanks to @mikesz81 this challenge made me bleed from the eyes lol! Learnt quite a lot from it. Please PM if you need assistance.
  • Hey! This is not a useless question it's actually quite a legitimate question. Usually, people like ippsec have something that can trigger an understanding which makes it easier to work in the field. Let's take programmers/developers, for instance,…
  • Here's a Nursery Rhyme that might help. "The animals went in two by two, hurrah! hurrah!"
    in call Comment by Wolfstorm June 2019
  • What a great challenge. Very interesting! Videos that helped me understand how to use Volatility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8f8avZ2V7s https://youtu.be/Cs0Gc3GtfZY Websites https://www.andreafortuna.org/2018/03/02/volatility-tips-extract-t…
  • Just solved this as well, quite an interesting challenge. Note that there are two of the same string, but there's plenty of numbers ;-) Hit me up if you need assistance!
  • Quite an interesting one brings back old memories from previous challenges... When I was trying to crack this I really wanted a Caesar salad ;-P Let me know if you need any help!
    in Blackhole Comment by Wolfstorm June 2019
  • This was quite fun, but at some point in the challenge, I got into a "Pickle" :) Please give me a shout if you need some hints or assistance!

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