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  • Type your comment> @AidynSkullz said: (Quote) PM me
    in Magic Comment by UrielY April 18
  • im www-data, found t****** password but aint working...rabbit hole? Edit: yep, you need to find the real pass now for root Edit 2 : got root! cool box
    in Magic Comment by UrielY April 18
  • im trying to allow my ip on ++ service but seems it aint work...
    in ServMon Comment by UrielY April 11
  • Found a lot of files...cant find any creds
    in Remote Comment by UrielY March 21
  • The exploit on r***s should work?
    in Postman Comment by UrielY November 2019
  • Amazing box! User: use bin***k and im*****t script Root: simple enum script
    in Querier Comment by UrielY April 2019
  • rooted! Great Box! Credit to @Sekisback for hints This box is 100% searching in google for specific exploits. For User : i didn't find any creds. just run the exploit on the right place. For Root : basic exploitation
  • Why Re******r doesn't work? Any help? Edit (1): got user.txt! Any tips for priv esc? Edit (2): root dance! Thank you for your help!!! here for hints! Just PM me
    in Giddy Comment by UrielY September 2018
  • got it! thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it . if anybody need help just PM me
  • Someone can help on priv esc ? i feel im almost their...
  • I have manged to get user.txt and read other files with the payload, but cant run any commands on the box. please help im stuck

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