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  • Nice box! Tips for user: -mAnGo iS a HiNt -Don't use bruteforce (it's useless). Create a script. Root: -Standard enum
  • I'd suggest to at least hide somehow the external links on the box from hackthebox people. They could lead to misunderstandings and unintentional scans by mistake.
  • Rooted last night. User isn't really a hard thing to get if you read about the technology used. For root, I rooted it the lazy, dumb way (which I think it's unintended) and can't say much about it. Going to try the hard way.
  • What's wrong with reset? There's a certain file with 0 size which I need normal size but the reset button doesn't work lol. Edit: working again
  • For those struggling with the correct payload to get a shell, remember bash can decode things in a certain base. Remove if it's too much info xD
  • Type your comment> @Splinterdav said: (Quote) Yes, a modification is needed, but I'm having trouble with the correct rev shell too xD
  • There's a hidden directory scripts don't leak...
  • Any nudge for Command? Edit: nvm, got it Tip: try to break the functionality of the thing running when you send something
  • Got root after a long time, I missed a small thing but I finally did it. PM for hints if you are stuck!
  • Just rooted
  • Type your comment> @Greenou said: (Quote) Maybe you'll need to try bigger dicts to find it. No need to get into the guts of the insect. And read carefully my words between brackets xD
  • People are just resetting the box, trolling other people's files and abusing root priviledges lol
  • > @farbs said: > Not a spoiler. But I've already found what you're referring too and can't latch on. If you found it, find the right parameter to make it work.
  • (Quote) The stupid insect's eyes hide a valued secret at plain sight (you could think it's from someone else). And it's willing to share it with you without knowing who you are. I hope this is not spoiler lol.
  • Buying VIP is the only way
  • Hints for user: * Creds aren't useless * The hash is not a rabbit hole * You need to find more than 3 users * Check that ruby code posted before Going for root now Edit: Hints for root: * Weird things running on the machine * There's some nice l…
    in Heist Comment by Tohzzicklao August 2019
  • Is the countdown timer a rabbit hole? Having a hard time with the initial foothold. Edit: seems so. Got something anyway, nvm
  • Type your comment> @limbernie said: (Quote) Best moment while rooting the machine, 10/10, would downrate it again
    in Safe Comment by Tohzzicklao August 2019

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